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Me – 1, Winter – 0

February 9, 2017


If I were looking out my window at this beautiful white landscape, this time last year, you would not have found a smile on my face. Instead, my lower lip would have been jutting out, and I might have been throwing a toddler type tantrum. I would not have been a happy camper, and I would have made all other campers around me quite unhappy also. I had become disgruntled with winter, and I was threatening to move south, if my family came with me or not.


My attitude about winter had become so sour, that almost nothing could cheer me up, nothing that is, short of a trip to a tropical destination. So, I began planning on migrating south. It didn’t matter that my husband owns a local business and can’t leave town. It didn’t matter that I still have two daughters in high school, who actually love winter. (go figure) I’ll be honest though, it did matter that my sweet grandbaby lives here in the frigid north and I couldn’t leave her.


In my defense, I’m not just a whiney baby. Arthritis is trespassing in my body and the cold temperatures and the arthritis do not get along. At times, the pain is severe and my motion is limited, and I begin to feel as if I am a pain ridden blob waiting for summer to arrive.


When reality set in, I knew that flying south for the winter was not in my near future. So what was I going to do, continue to feel miserable physically and emotionally, and take all those I love down with me? It was time for an attitude overhaul, a different perspective, a hope in the midst of the deep winter.


For the past month, I have been sharing ideas of things to do to enjoy life in the midst of winter’s gloom and cold.  I wasn’t sharing because I had nothing better to do, I was sharing because for those of us who lose days of our lives grumbling about that which we cannot change, need to reclaim every single moment. We are not bears hibernating, asleep until spring calls. We need to love every day. We need our lives to be full of joy and fulfilling things no matter if the sun is shining, the blizzard is blowing or the trials of life are surrounding you.


This past summer, whenever I drove around anywhere in Indiana, I took all sorts of photos. My theme was, “Falling in love again.” When I moved to Indiana 19 years ago, I fell in love. My pre-Indiana life had been lived in the deserts of southwest America, and in the humid and busy land of Houston Texas. Indiana was like the Emerald City. It was gloriously green. For the first time in my life, there were four seasons to every year. I adored each season, and all that this new Midwestern life had to offer me. This summer, I knew that it was vital that I recapture that love once again. If I was in love at one time, couldn’t I fall in love again?


You may be perfectly content, and this post doesn’t apply to you at all. I am so very glad it doesn’t, but some of us need to fall in love again, and not miss out on another day of life because of our discontentment. So, this little snow storm, or what ever type of storm is in your life right now, is not something to merely to get through, holding our breath until better or warmer days arrive, I want to thrive in the midst. Every day matters.


The white lovely snow covering every surface outside your window is something more than to a thing to trudge through on your way to work. It may possibly represent the things in life that we are less than happy about. It could be that unwelcome trial or struggle, or the thing we desperately hate in our lives. No matter what it is, do not let it steal your happiness. Do not let it take away your inner joy. Find a way to be happy in spite of it. Find something good about the thing you dislike. Change your perspective from that of a disgruntled complainer to a Pollyanna who can find something to be glad about.


My joints are in a lot of pain, but I’m going outside for a stroll in the snow. My hips are so stiff, I sometimes cry out in pain, but yesterday I pulled my 15 month old granddaughter all around the yard on her little red sled. I hate the biting cold on my face, but I’m heading out to watch my daughters sled and I just might join them.


Life is for living. What can you look at differently today? I’ll start with the snow.


POST SCRIPT: Sledding didn’t work out too well. Note to self, do not step into a plastic sled with snow covered snow boots! I never made it down the hill, but I went down alright. Flat on my back, but at least my upper arm broke my fall as it slammed into the edge of the sled. So now I’m enjoying my evening with an ice pack. I’m still not going to curse the winter. I am determined to sled again, and if I get a humdinger of a bruise, like I suspect I will, I might just share a photo. I’m not thrilled to be in pain, but I’m glad I gave it a shot.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, they are all from my yard.


It’s all perspective.






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  1. Carol Kortebein permalink
    February 10, 2017 6:49 am

    That was great encouragement. Debbie.
    A good way to start the day. 😊

  2. Donna Vander Schaaf permalink
    February 11, 2017 11:35 am

    LOL!!!! I know you told me this the other night, however; reading it made me laugh so loud Finky started barking. The cartoon at the end did me in! Next time no boots….just stinky bare feet!

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