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In Search of Coziness

January 26, 2017


The sun burst forth and dispersed the grogginess. My home town of Kokomo Indiana has been basking in glorious sunshine and incredible, unseasonably warm temperatures, BUT I’ve been in Minnesota. I have continued to be knee deep in grog. We spent the entire nine hour drive from Kokomo to Minneapolis in one big fog bank. I’m now enroute back to Indiana, just ahead of a winter storm bearing down on Minnesota, and I am hoping to get a glimpse of that big yellow orb before true winter returns again to Indiana.


Just in case winter still exists in your neck of the woods, I still have more ideas so you can thrive in the midst of my least favorite season, and I’m not talking about a day spent binge watching HGTV.


First I’d like to ask you if you’ve taken some time to partake in my last two suggestions. My girls and I enjoyed a groggy day picnic, right in the middle of our family room. Anna asked if she could set things up, so our picnic had a moose theme. That girl is a nut for anything moose. With grilled cheese sandwiches and hot tomato soup, we curled up by our fireplace, ate, and began our winter read aloud, “The Willows in Winter.” After four chapters, Anna was sound asleep in a warm cozy ball and Emily was not far behind. I’m so glad we didn’t stick to our to-do list but took time to make memories and turn a groggy day into a moose filled, delightful one.


Did you get a chance to write and encourage someone? If not, it is never too late. I was trying to get everything done before heading out of town, but I still made time to write four notes, and I plan on adding quite a few more once I return home. Our friends need us, so don’t forget them.


The last couple of nights I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself with good friends, good food and beautiful surroundings. The home of my friends Denise and Nicole is completely lovely, and both nights we ate a scrumptious meal and enjoyed delightful conversation right beside a beautiful fire flickering away in a fireplace that could be seen from both the dining room and living area. Sparkling twinkle lights mingled with crystals and surrounding beautiful seashells draped the mantle. Twinkle lights and a fireplace, two items that are defiantly grog dispersers. Who doesn’t just love crackling fires?


My friends’ fireplace was a very convenient gas fireplace, turned on with the flip of a switch. I could get spoiled. We have a wood burning fireplace, which I love even though every aspect can be a little labor intensive. A wood burning fireplace tends to be on your mind more often than the gas version. A wind storm comes blowing through, we think about the wood that will need to be gathered in our yard for future fires. There is a yearly ritual of gathering, chopping, splitting, hauling and stacking. Then with each fire, there is a can of ashes to be removed and arm loads of wood that need to be brought in from the cold to restore our stash, but even with all that work, I love a roaring fire and during the winter months, we have one almost daily.


If your home is void of a fireplace, you can always create your own. In the summer, I still love the idea of a fire but it is far too hot to light one, so I group candles and create my makeshift “roaring fire.” You can also use battery operated candles and avoid flames, wax or any mess. Then while your fire, gas flames or candles are burning, hunker down in the fluffiest blanket you can find, have a cup of something warm and of course a good book.


It’s funny how in the summer we dream of snuggling by fires, but when winter closes in around us, instead of enjoying the snuggle time we impatiently pout for summer. My advice is this, summer will get here when summer gets here. As much as I grumble and even sulk, I cannot coax the sun out from behind the clouds or quicken the pace of the calendar toward those glorious months of May and June. Each day is going to take 24 hours to complete its cycle. Thank God! I’m 56. I’ve reached a point where instead of hurrying toward the next season, I’m pulling in the reins a little bit. I’m not in a hurry to grow old.


Just in case you don’t already have a stack of books sitting next to your chair that you’re longing to read, here are a few suggestions. The types of books I read vary. For years I read very little for entertainment and was always trying to better myself or grow in the knowledge of God. Here are some titles that definitely will make your life richer.

th3q73hl31 I highly recommend this book.

th189kjc7wThis book changed my life.

th2m5m92aj An excellent book.

I have begun reading so much more in the past few years. A clue to that mystery is that my kids are grown or teenagers. My preference tends to be non-fiction. I love books about anyone enjoying their life in France. Here are the books I’ve recently enjoyed.

thn1yha5j2 I just finished this and really enjoyed it.

thz0h23ukm Loved this book!

theo6ra1ls Loved it!

One of the greatest pleasures at this point in my life is the time I spend reading aloud with my twin 16 year old daughters. It is our favorite pastime. In the summer, we spend some time almost every day sitting in our three person swing down by our creek, relaxing, enjoying each other and reading out loud. In the winter, we snuggle by the fire, drink tea and choose books that make the cold outside a distant memory. These are some of our favorites.


th2f1wh7rgThis book was delightful and began our quest to find the following tales.

thz56k89x6 This book was so much fun.

th6lewbes6 This is our current winter read aloud.


So light a fire, get super cozy and open that literary treasure. In case you’d like my super secret tomato soup recipe, I’ll let you, my dear friend in on my secret.

Tomato Soup:                                                                                                                                           Puree one can of Italian diced tomatoes and heat. YUM!


Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, comment and share for a chance to win. I will be randomly choosing a winner this week.

Ahhhh, crackle, crackle, crackle!!






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