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Where there is despair… Hope!

January 19, 2017


As women we give. We give of our time, our hearts, and even our very souls. We pour out all we have to give then we pour some more. There are times we get to a moment when we wonder, “What difference does it make?” Those are hard moments. Those are the moments that are full of lies. That is when our enemy whispers in our ears that what we’ve done does not matter. You haven’t made any difference. It’s all been a big waste of time.

We’ve all been in this dark place. Some of you may be there now. The first thing that I want you to know is that you are not alone. Somewhere near by another wonderful woman, dear and precious like yourself is struggling with the same self doubt. At one time or another, we all wonder, why in the world did I do what I did, when it doesn’t seem to matter.


YOU MATTER! All that you’ve done matters! Ask George Baily what he learned when he felt it would have been better if he had never been born. In case you are unfamiliar with George, he is the main character in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Clarence the angel tells him, “You see George, you really did have a wonderful life.”

There are moments in our lives when we clearly do not feel like we have a wonderful life. We have all suffered loss, deep disappointment and failure. We have all felt so VERY alone even when we walk with a savior who never leaves us or forsakes us. Even Christians can find themselves needing a Clarence to help them out in their dark moment.


My children have heard me complain, I’m embarrassed to say, more than once of my sorrow at the lack of impact I feel that I’ve made in the world. They do not like to hear me say it, and often come back at me with a long list of all that I’ve done. Thank God for our children!! We sometimes need to be reminded that every negative thought trying to grab control of your soul is a lie!

So to begin with, I want to say something to YOU. I’m sitting here thinking of all the women who might possibly read this, and I really want you to know that I’m saying this to YOU! You are so special! There is no one else like you. You are lovely, and the love you give touches so many hearts. You and the wonderful gifts you have are so needed, and make a difference in this world. You have touched so many lives, and this world would be so empty without you and your smile. Who you are, and what you do matters!!!!


On January 2, I turned 56. OUCH! As we age, it can be difficult to see all that we’ve accomplished more than we see that which we still desire to do. I’m a positive person, but I had been dealing with feelings of disappointment and failure. My precious twin 16 year old daughters are my most ardent encouragers and they, along with their brother Joshua, knew what I had been feeling and gave a birthday gift like no other. After I had opened all my lovely wrapped gifts, they handed me an envelope full of letters and said. “These are letters from all the people who love you and in whose lives you’ve made a difference.” Before I even read one, I burst into tears. I didn’t even need to read them and I knew in that moment that I was loved, appreciated, and that I did make a difference. Then as I read them one by one, I just blubbered.

Those letters really changed the emotional path I had been on. We have so much power to make a difference with such small acts of kindness. Today I want to challenge you. I have reminded you of the TRUTH that you are an amazing person, now it is your turn.


Think of one person that you would like to encourage and write them a letter. Do it today before the idea gets lost and pushed off onto the to-do list. Mail it! Don’t let it sit on your counter waiting for a stamp for a month. We need each other. We need to tell each other how important each other are, and we need to know that we have friends who care. You can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life today just by writing a letter. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to change the world, and we become blessed when we bless others.

I love the prayer of St. Francis, and it’s a good rule to live by.


So wonderful, amazing, kind, giving, loving, much needed woman, encourage someone else today and change the world.


Please consider sharing this. I would love to bless zillions of women!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who wrote me letters, Donna, Dale, Dad, Judy, Becky, John, Dave, Nicole, Megan, Erica, Joshua, Jared, Anna, Emily and Noah




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  1. Diana Metz permalink
    January 19, 2017 1:22 pm

    Thanks Debbie…I am definitely sharing this with my Bethany. She does so much, but is rarely thanked or told she is appreciated. She needs to be able to remind herself that she is worth it and all she does counts.

    • January 19, 2017 5:43 pm

      It does! and I’m so glad she has a Mama that loves her so much and reminds her just how very IMPORTANT she is!

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