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A Groggy Kind of Day

January 17, 2017


According to Mr. Webster, groggy means weak or unsteady on the feet. According to the Spence dictionary it means grey and soggy and even a bit foggy. It’s the type of day where the sky and air become one and you even feel that you’re breathing in the grey. It’s the type of day that you are tempted to slog through. (Again I disagree with Mr. Webster, slog to me does not sound like hitting it hard and working steadily, it sounds more like the dragging of one’s self through thick mire.)  Definitions of words aside, I’m concerned that we may miss an opportunity to live life a little more fully due to the slog inducing grog.

Many of us, and yes, I include myself in this group, suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It is the lack of sunshine, got me in the dumps disorder. Some days when my eyes creak open to view the new day, and I am surrounded by suffocating dimness, I can’t deny that there might be grumbling in my heart. Few of us have the luxury of rolling over and calling a boycott until the sun returns, although we may be tempted.

I could regale you with perky quips that we all use to try and cheer ourselves and others up, and while a change in perspective and attitude greatly helps, if you’re grieving the loss of your dear friend the sun, you might need more than words. I’ll start today with a picture, one I know we’re all longing to see.


The sun will return. It always does. Until that time here are some ideas for you to use to not only overcome the grey, but to help you sigh with contentment and possibly even, gasp! enjoy the day.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for any amount of time, I’m sure you know that I’m a fan of picnics. I am. “A picnic on a groggy winter day?” you may ask. Yes indeed.

Fluffy pillows and soft cozy blankets are delightful indoor picnic necessities that you won’t get to enjoy in the summer. So throw them about your living room. (If the floor is not your friend, you can also have a picnic on your bed.) Move your coffee table, and set up the coziest spot you can. Use your fireplace if you have one. Do as much or as little preparation as you want. Be extravagant or bring home fast food, just eat it picnic style.


Invite friends to join you.


Set one up for you and your children.


Surprise your husband and have a picnic waiting for him when he gets home from work.


This picture made me think of inviting some friends over to have a good old fashioned box lunch. Fill each box with a yummy lunch and maybe even a few little treats or gifts.

When inviting friends to lunch, remember to ask them if they have any food allergies.

Besides food, you can include the following items.

For a one person picnic, grab your journal or a good book. Spend time in Bible study or prayer. Candles or twinkly lights create a soothing atmosphere.

For a group of friends, play a game. I love word games such as Scattergories, Taboo and Balderdash. Share secrets and dreams. Make sure you giggle and laugh!

For your children, create their picnic inside a blanket tent, and Mama, you get in there too! Read your children a classic, such as “Pip Camps Out’ by Myra Berry Brown. My kids love this 1966 book. Some other options include: “Piglet Meets a Heffalump” by A. A. Milne; “The Bunnies Ball” by Annie Ingle, and “On the Night You Were Born” by Nancy Tillman. If you plan ahead for your picnic, you can stop by the library prior to your event.

Music enhances everything. The best groggy day, indoor picnic music has to be the soundtrack from “Pride and Prejudice.” My daughter Anna said, “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” by Robbie Williams on his “Swing when you’re Winning” CD, is a perfect happy picnic tune. We are also fans of Ole Blue Eyes, (Frank Sinatra) and the Piano Guys. The perfect music for you children’s picnic is, “The Best of Pooh and Heffalumps Too.” Even if you don’t have kids, this music makes you so happy.

I’ll let you use your own imagination for the picnic you plan for your husband.

The grog does not need to make us slog. Plan a picnic today and put a little sunshine in your life.


Dear friend, thank you for reading my blog. If you have a picnic, please let me know all about it. My next few blogs will offer other ideas of how to flourish in the winter. I would love to increase my readership so if you can please subscribe, comment and share my blog on Facebook, I would be thrilled. Watch for my grog overcoming contest coming soon. Enjoy today and enjoy life.     Debbie



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  1. Diana Metz permalink
    January 17, 2017 12:32 pm

    I’ve actually done this with my girls and children that I have babysat. We went so far as to draw a large smiling sunshine to hang on the wall…get out the large ‘3 persons’ umbrella so as to not get a ‘sunburn’…while we ate our picnic by a window fully exposing the snowflakes flying by.

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