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Calling all Bacon Lovers!

March 24, 2016

Anna just finished posting a new article on her blog. Anna Emily and Moriah together have a teen travel blog. Check it out, subscribe and leave her a comment.  If you love bacon, and who doesn’t, you’ll love this post.

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Scrumptious confectioneries and succulent sweets fill the dreams of children, and wise adults, worldwide. A place focused on chocolates, toffees and fruity candies seems the object of bedtime stories and legend, but what if I told you that such a place existed, a place where sweets are the main focus and sugar is perfected. This place is called Crown Candy Kitchen. It is located in St. Louis Missouri, the gateway to the west. I find its placement quite suiting considering Crown Candy is the gateway to enhanced consumption of sugary goods. Numerous food-lovers have ventured countless miles to bask in the flavors of this eatery. I traveled almost three-hundred miles to reach its beckoning doors. Yes, this restaurant is worth the travel. This guide will not only make you swoon in utter delight but will also temp you out of your house and on your way to St. Louis.

While Crown Candy has most any candy one could wish for, their chocolates and toffees are truly the most impressive sweets there. A glass case connected to the checkout counter is filled to the brim with mouthwatering caramels, toffees and nuts covered in chocolates and creams. Depending on the season and holiday you could find anything from a smooth, and very large, chocolate bunny to a twenty-four inch chocolate heart. They have chocolates for all different interests. Whether you enjoy Elvis or bowties, they have a high quality treat for you.

Crown candy may be known for its groundbreaking sweets but there is something about this bistro that makes it rise in individuality in not only the confectionary since, but also in the food industry. Crown candy serves food for lunch and dinner that is not only delicious but also comes in hefty good quality quantities. The Reuben is highly favored and the roast beef and cheddar melt is exceptional but there is one that stands out, the Heart Stopping BLT. This sandwich is fresh lettuce, perfectly ripe tomato, miracle whip and fourteen slices of thick crisp Oscar Mayer bacon stuffed between two toasted sour dough slices of bread. It is phenomenal! Crown Candy serves an average of 125 of them each day. Adam Rickman featured the sandwich in his show, Best Sandwich in America. Most people who I tell of this anomaly remark “that would be too much bacon” but I assure you that you can never imagine eating a normal BLT again. The amount of bacon seems so right and as if it was meant, since creation, to be consumed in that quantity and fashion. I do advise, however, that you are cautious. This is a very large amount of pork to consume all at once and it can affect everyone differently. My sister and I only ate one half each and had stomach issues while my uncle ate the whole thing and was fine. I will note that the issues only lasted an hour or so and seemed obsolete compared to the glory of the sandwich.

Another great quality about this eatery is their malts and ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry they are always smooth and a perfect balance of milky and sweet. Their flavor options are endless ranging from eggnog to coffee with countless other in between. When you order a malt it comes in a large 24 ounce silver malt shaker! The malts can be expensive but if you have a large appetite you may get them free. Crown Candy has a competition that if you can drink five of their malts in a half hour you get them all free and you get your name and time put on a golden plaque on the wall. I thought it almost impossible, but it seems there are people who have done it and some in the record breaking time of two minutes! It took me two hours to finish one; I received no award.

Crown Candy kitchen has sat at its same location on the corner North 14th street and St Louis Avenue since 1913. The soda fountain in use today is the original from over one-hundred years ago. The white wooden booths and authentic cash register and antique copper candy kettle are only a few others of the original pieces which still fill the restaurant. The man who opened Crown Candy so long ago passed the business down to his sons who still own and operate the restaurant today. Crown Candy Kitchen is one of the oldest soda fountains in the nation which is still in use.

Crown Candy is only one of many hidden gems in St. Louis. St. Louis may be known for the Gateway Arch but without its restaurants, museums and sports teams St. Louis wouldn’t be the thriving city it is today. Cities, like life, are made up of more than just the major landmarks but also the small enjoyments we find along the way. A place where chocolates, toffees and fruity candies are perfected may sound fictional but it truly exists. Visit crown candy and make your dreams come true.

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