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Autumn and Yum, Just Go Together

October 8, 2015


It is fascinating to me that in America, the land of fast food and eating out, that we have an entire network devoted to food. The Food Network entertains us daily with fabulous ideas on how to enrich our culinary pursuits. Yet, I am quite concerned that the family dinner experience is lacking in all of our homes. We may take time to watch food being prepared on the TV, but do we have the time to prepare it ourselves?

I am in the same boat as many of you. My life can get so crazy that making dinner is the last thing on my mind. Then when I do make dinner, paper plates may be as good as it gets.

Our family was out of town the majority of this summer. The one thing that I missed the most, was eating dinner with my family, at home and at a lovely table. We were invited to dinner while visiting our son in Kansas City. We sat down to a simple meal, but the table was set, including a crisp white table cloth, candles and delightful company. I almost cried. I knew what I had to do once I returned home.

20151005_161331 I’ve have had these dishes since my wedding 32 years ago. I have used them very little.

Since returning home, I have tried my best to prepare a nice dinner and set a lovely table as often as possible. No matter what is on the menu, I am using my nice plates and lighting candles. I have already burned down my first set.  I think a sign of a good dinner may be how far do the candles burn down. Dinner at home and at the table does not happen every night, but I am determined that it will happen a lot more often.


When I purchase items to carry in Mama’s Cupboard, I am inspired by those items which enrich our lives. I offer a lovely assortment of cook books, specifically chosen for their family focused theme, the beauty of the book itself, and of course for the yummy ideas they contain.


This recipe is one I intend to make myself. Autumn to me says, “comfort food.” Yum!


Autumn declares the arrival of cooler temperatures, falling leaves and holidays that require wonderful meals for friends and family.


Our Susan Branch Recipe Keepers are FANTASTIC for many reasons. The perfect gift is this notebook filled with all of your favorite recipes for someone you love. Crafty people will love the opportunity to not only create recipes to share, but to also ad their own flair with the enclosed stickers.




The perfect gift for yourself, for Christmas or even a baby shower, is this delightful Winnie the Pooh Cookbook.




We offer so many delightful cookbooks that you yourself will love, but they too are wonderful gifts. Don’t wait until the last minute to start your Christmas shopping.



I truly believe that there is GREAT value in taking the time to prepare a meal and sit at a lovely table with your family. Set a goal, then figure out what steps you need to take to increase your family dinners. You will be glad that you did.

Mama’s Cupboard is open Friday and Saturday 10-5.

We are located at 721 N. Webster, 2 blocks north of Jefferson.

Come visit us this weekend and let’s start cooking!



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