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The Vintage Life

July 21, 2015


We love all things vintage. A vintage look, be it in our homes or on our bodies, arises in us feelings that awaken memories. Those memories are comforting and safe. They are memories of a simpler time, a time when life was happy and carefree. For some of us the vintage look we seek goes back further in time to an era and lifestyle we wish we had known. By choosing “vintage,” we use  the best of yester-year to make our modern life more enjoyable.


Why not choose a “vintage life” and not just  a vintage look? The vintage life is returning to those activities that bring comfort and joy. The vintage life helps us return to a lifestyle that is rooted in simpler times, times where peace and gracious living abounded.


Taking time for tea, enjoying the art of staying in touch, sharing your thoughts and dreams on the pages of a journal, or relishing a beautiful day with a much needed picnic are all elements of a Vintage Life. Reading aloud to those we love or just curling up in a private corner with Jane Austin are the events of a carefree life.


Mama’s Cupboard specializes in offering items that will bring vintage living back to your life. We also offer “The Parlor,” a beautiful room available for lessons, classes, ladies groups or parties. Visit our shop, and return vintage living to your life.

                                                                 Mama’s Cupboard  

                                                           721 N. Webster, Kokomo

                                               (On the corner of Webster and Madison)

                                                    765-432-5027   Find us on Facebook

Open Friday and Saturday 10 – 5

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