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I’m in the mood for a picnic!

May 13, 2015


I’m in the mood for a picnic! The grass is so green and lush this year, and I want to go spread my quilt, load my basket with goodies and lose myself in a good book for the better part of a day. The lilac bush nearby would be an excellent aromatic addition to my picnic. The scent is downright intoxicating. I suggest you join me. Life is busy, but I highly recommend a time out for a spring picnic.




Mama’s Cupboard is the first place you should go. We have wonderful, fun picnic baskets for your picnic. Our polka dotted, colorful baskets are insulated and also flatten for easy storage. We also have beautiful picnic quilts and the perfect book to enjoy as you make the MOST of your spring day.


Reading a wonderful book out doors is a true pleasure. One that I indulge in frequently. I love a book that encourages me to live a better life, and I enjoy quality fiction read out loud with my daughters. Mama’s Cupboard offers book selections that have been specifically chosen to enrich lives.



We also have a wonderful selection of Children’s books.



I encourage you to take your picnic to a whole new level and dabble in the arts while you eat. A lovely picnic out doors, relaxing and painting (no matter how unskilled you are) is not just a idyllic movie activity. You can  enjoy this piece of heaven yourself. Put it on the calendar! Don’t just dream, do it.


Mama’s Cupboard offers art supplies for this very purpose.


Or take the time to write your thoughts and dreams in your journal. Pen a beautiful letter to someone special, write the next best seller.


Don’t squander these glorious spring days. Seize the moment, and enjoy life.


Mama’s Cupboard is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00 to 5:00. We are located at 721 N. Webster. Webster and Madison on the north side of Fire and Flood Recovery. 2 blocks north of Jefferson

Come visit us and find the perfect thing to create your perfect moment!!



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