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What You Need for a Magical Summer

April 14, 2015

All children should have adventures. They should sail the 7 seas, live as a castaway on a deserted island, float down a lazy river with a rat and a mole, fight to the death with a pirate named Hook, or drift down the Mississippi on a raft. Reading is an adventure. One of the best gifts we can give to our children is the gift of reading. In a technological age reading is a magical breath of fresh air away from the  virtual world. The results of reading with a child and providing a place a time for them to read are infinitely rewarding.

DSCF0688 It is easy to instill a love of books in a child. It begins with wonderful books, books  with stories that delight, and books with illustrations that transport. It includes time set aside to indulge. Instilling includes read aloud time with a parent or grandparent, and instilling will definitely be accomplished with a special spot to escape to.

DSCF0694 THE STORY TREE: “An all us children, when the supper things was done, we ran to the Story Tree to dream who we’d become.”

DSCF0733 Mama’s Cupboard hopes to provide you with wonderful books to enchant your children. Classics, forgotten treasures, out of print titles and books with wonderful illustrations are the choices on our shelves.


DSCF0743 Our polka-dot chair is ready and waiting for our smaller customers to sit a spell and enjoy while Mom looks around.

DSCF0695 Books and time spent reading are gifts every child deserves. 1545596_615063685251950_6613019442175155809_n My girls enjoying one of their favorite spots, a playhouse their Dad built, doing one of their favorite things.

Mama’s Cupboard opens in 18 days. May 2, 10:00- 5 come by and find summer delights for you and your child. No summer should be without books.

Mama’s Cupboard 721 N. Webster, Kokomo IN corner of Webster and Madison

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