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Food Alfresco

April 9, 2015

The spring thunderstorms rolling across Indiana each day are sure signs of spring. They are doing their part in retrieving the green grass. We have a spot in the yard where the heavy clear plastic that lined our ice skating rink this winter, hangs over a patch of grass. This greenhouse effect grew the loveliest patch of vibrant green grass ever. It made me want to lay plastic over my entire yard.

The return of green grass makes me drool with anticipation for picnics alfresco. When the weather is alluring, who wants to eat indoors? Not me! And, my favorite spot for picnicking is in my very own yard. Even though it takes very little time to arrive at our picnicking destination, I still love to pack a basket and bring along a beautiful quilt. Pillows are also an advantageous idea, as picnics to me also mean lounging and reading. Picnics should always include a good book.

My blogs this month are filled with splendid ideas for time spent with those you love. We are all busy and the patterns of our schedules are ingrained in us like cement. I beseech you, as I always do, take time to get out of your ruts and enjoy life.

In 23 days I am opening my shop, Mama’s Cupboard. My shop is the realization of what I write and what I encourage. It was born out of my desire to provide products to help others find books and items that will facilitate time well spent. The tagline for Mama’s Cupboard is: “Valuing those things which bring us together.” Picnics bring us together, and Mama’s Cupboard has items to help you indulge in picnicking.

     May 2 is our Grand Opening and I invite you to come visit my store, and bring your daughter, granddaughter or girlfriend. Enjoy our cheery atmosphere and find items to enhance your summer. For every purchase made on May 2, you will be entered for a drawing for our “Grand Opening Prize,” as my thank you for supporting my dream.

Our hours on May 2 will be 10:00 to 6:00. We are located at 721 N. Webster, on the corner of Webster and Madison, 2 blocks north of Jefferson. Our entrance is in the northwest corner of the Fire and Flood building, through the enchanting courtyard. I am so looking forward to your visit!

best shop

We have quilts that are perfect for picnics.


My Porch rules are also my summer rules; read a book, sip iced tea, enjoy the seasons, feel the breezes, listen to the birds, RELAX!


Picnic baskets can even be vintage suitcases.


This is my moto, “No child (or adult) left inside.” A great page from one of the many wonderful books you will find in Mama’s Cupboard.


A good book not only tells a great story, but it looks good while telling it. The books I’ve chosen to carry are classics, wonderful stories and ones with quality illustrations like this one from, The Velveteen Rabbit.


This edition of Peter Pan is simply lovely. Some people collect coins or stamps. I collect wonderful book openings and this is one of my favorites. “All children, except one, grow up.”


We have books to help you dream about and plan the perfect picnic.


Mama’s Cupboard is also stocked with enchanting picnic quilts. Always remember picnics are also wonderful indoor events on rainy days, and these quilts also will make exquisite tents.


Kokomo friends, please consider sharing this blog!


NOTE: I want to thank all of you that joined with me as we prayed for Bethany Cicalo. Please continue to pray for her family. This was truly a great tragedy. Monica, Bethany’s step-mom, asked me to send her thanks to the 2000 + people who viewed this blog and prayed for Bethany. Thank you to all of you who shared this on Facebook and helped gather all those who prayed. I hope we can always come together as a praying force when the need arises.





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