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42 Days and Counting

March 23, 2015

Down-time: That time when a sigh of relief escapes our lips, and we engage in activities of our choosing. It is a rare moment in time when the calendar is silenced and we get to choose what WE want to do. I am a fan and staunch advocate for plenty of down-time.

My new shop Mama’s Cupboard opens on Saturday May 2. Today is the beginning of my countdown. 42 days until Mama’s Cupboard opens. Mama’s Cupboard is all about down-time. The items we carry are items that will inspire you to enjoy this time, to add a friend, and to make more of it.

Beatrix Potter’s life was one of more down-time than she probably wanted, but she used this time to enjoy painting. She drew her pets and surroundings and today we delight in all she created.



As spring approaches, make sure you have the items on hand to capture all its delights. There are no artistic requirements. The only requirements are a beautiful sketch pad, pencils or paints. Head outside and just enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to bring along a friend.




Your view may not compare to England’s Lake District, but there is a special spot waiting just for you, your own personal DTE, (down-time escape.)


I recommend taking along a picnic quilt, your daughter or friend (furry ones too,) and even a good book. Someone can read and inspire while the others dabble in the paint.

paint      I'm sure we'll be painting outside with friends.

At Mama’s Cupboard we offer art items to get you started.

We also have art instructors offering classes to guide budding artists. More information on this coming soon.

DSCF0675 Our Punch Studio sketch books will most certainly inspire you.

DSCF0676 We also have a variety of paints to encourage you.

Make sure you have plenty of DTE this spring and summer, and discover your creative side.



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