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It is Time to Share My Secret!

March 20, 2015

I have a secret I’ve been keeping. My girls and I have been industrious little bees creating, and now I’m ready to let you in on our secret project.


(My painters wanted to keep their clothes clean.)



As you all know, I delight in encouraging others to slow down. The pace of our lives today leaves little time for the valuable things in life. Busyness can confuse even the best of us as to what really matters.

What matters most to me, with the greatest value there is, is my Lord Jesus Christ. He deserves my time before all else. Next comes my family. With three of my five children grown, I am very aware how quickly our children leave childhood and all its magic. I began this blog four years ago encouraging my friends and readers to slow down and enjoy life. The life changed the most was my own.

As the former Queen of Busy, I now know and experience such glorious events as leisure, lingering, rest and fellowship. I have been released from the stressful life I bound myself to. I have also rescued my girls from the same sentence. Instead of the words, “Hurry, hurry, HURRY!” I now say, “Do you want to read our book by the fire?”


My girls and I enjoy such special time together, time I will never be sorry that I spent. We love to read The Word together, discuss it and pray. We love to find charming stories to read aloud together. In the summer we read lounging on our swing by the creek. In the winter we cuddle by the fire.  The girls spend our leisure time sketching and painting. When the weather is lovely, they are always found painting at the picnic table behind the bunny barn. In the winter, as you might guess, they can be found sketching near the fire. Skills have developed that in a busy lifestyle would never have had time to grow.

We are also very fond of picnics and tea parties. Besides such pleasures as taking time to write the stories that dance through their imagination, they have also become diligent, capable young ladies. They care for eight rabbits, seven chickens, two cats, one duck and a dog. They care for our flower gardens and grow, care for, harvest and can a variety of fruits and vegetables. They have become good cooks and now they are learning to become women entrepreneurs.

With the desire to share all that we love and encourage others to partake in the same enjoyment; we have created our own little shop.

Introducing Mama’s Cupboard!

best shop

DSC_0010 (3)

IMG_20150302_171133 (2)


Opening on May 2, Mama’s Cupboard is a shop valuing those things which bring us together. I truly hope that our little shop will bless lives and offer products that will make your lives richer.

As we prepare to open our doors, we will share some of our journey. Please consider subscribing to this blog and sharing it with your friends. We would love your help!

So get ready for May 2. Plan on attending our Grand Opening and sharing in our joy.


Mama’s Cupboard, corner of Webster and Madison (2 blocks north of Jefferson)

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  1. gail frye permalink
    March 20, 2015 10:03 pm

    may the lord bless this new step you and the girls are taking

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