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Literary Lingering on a Winter Day

February 18, 2015

peter treasury

What’s not to like about Beatrix Potter? She created some of the most adorable literary characters. She was an amazing artist, especially with watercolors. She lived in a dream cottage in the midst of Hill Top Farm and preserved thousands of acres for the world to enjoy in England’s Lake District. Indeed, she is a woman worth knowing.

Years ago I watched the movie, “Miss Potter,” for the first time. After sobbing my heart out, I ran to my room and wrote one of my favorite children’s stories, Blueberry Boy. She completely inspired me. I still dream of painting like her but I guess I’ll continue dreaming, her talent is not in my genes. Did you know that adorable little creatures were not what she drew most? She was a fanatic for fungus! She was mad about mushrooms! Beatrix was a woman of many talents; writer, artist, farmer, shepherdess, naturalist and devoted daughter.

tom kitten

This mini biography is not just to introduce you to someone I enjoy; it is to encourage you to take time to take a step back from your busyness and enjoy someone. I may have gone a little nuts and bought a few too many books about Beatrix, but I do so enjoy daydreaming of thatched roof cottages in Near Sawrey, England, and cold winter days are perfect for doing more than daydreaming.

Reading good stories aloud to my girls is a pleasure I enjoy in every season. In the summer, daily you can find all three of us sitting on our swing near the creek completely engulfed in our summer story. (Last summer we read 3) On cold winter days, the warmest activity there is, is cuddling under fluffy blankets by a roaring fire while we visit Beatrix at Hill Top Farm. We have discovered a wonderful series of books; the fictional tales of Beatrix after Norman Warne. The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, by Susan Wittig Albert, consist of 8 books. We are on number two, The Tale of Holly How.


I won’t give away any details, because one of the fun things about these stories is that they are also mysteries, and every now and then the village animals have something to say. I recommend these stories or any story as long as it is read while wrapped in a cozy blanket. Don’t let winter pass you by. If it’s good for anything, it is good for a story.

fireNotice my cute Valentine decorations. The girls and I made them last year for our Valentine tree, (actually it was the still standing Christmas tree) They hung very nicely on our Christmas stocking hooks. Cold days are good for toasty fires!

imageAnd don’t forget the tea and scones. I cheated, the scones came from the store, but feel free to bake your own.

bp bioHere is a great biography, but only if you love the details. 450 pgs.

bp journalAn adorable journal for your kids, or the kid in you.

bp walkingIn case you are heading to England any time soon, don’t forget to take your Beatrix Potter walking guide.

hill topI love this book. Not only does it take you inside Hill Top Farm, but it shows how Beatrix drew her adorable settings from her every day life.

Grab a book, grab a blanket, and grab a kid. Now your ready to enjoy the day.


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  1. ourfrenchoasis permalink
    February 18, 2015 3:12 am

    Beatrix Potter – what a fabulous collection of books, I have all the little old ones handed down to me, some have scribblings in the front done by my Mother when she was little! They are such precious stories and reading with our kids winter or summer, snuggled up together is always a special time

    • February 18, 2015 9:11 am

      I know you are originally from the UK. Did you ever visit Hill Top or the Lake District?

      • ourfrenchoasis permalink
        February 18, 2015 5:36 pm

        My Mother’s family are from the Lake District, I know it very well and we have a lot of Victorian artwork from the Lake District.

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