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Spring Dreaming

February 15, 2015

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and the only way I celebrated it was to finally take down my Christmas decorations. Yes, my decorations were still up in February. My excuse is that I totally redecorate my house for Christmas. I don’t want to do all that work for just a month of enjoyment, so I leave it a little longer. OK, maybe a lot longer. But now my rooms have returned to normal. The sun is shining, and I now believe spring may actually come to central Indiana. Never mind that the current temperature is 3 degrees!

Although February is notoriously cold, we are on the down hill side of winter. As my husband put the Christmas totes in the shed he brought me my indoor green houses. Next week I plan on playing in the dirt and popping little dreams of future vegetables and flowers into each pot. The girls have already planned the day that they will allow a rendezvous between our male and female rabbits and Rural King already has a batch of precious peeping chicks. It is still far too cold to bring them home, but they are evidence of spring!

So today I’m writing with no other goal in mind than to remind you that spring IS coming and to let you know that I’m still blogging. I have been absent a while as I spent time in Arkansas with my Dad as he recovered from a mini stroke. I am thankful for a lifestyle unhindered by demands that allowed me the time to be with him and my step mom. He is doing amazing!

As I dream of spring, I want to share some photos from 2014 that were glorious days spent in warmer weather.

crab apple and archLooking forward to this vision of loveliness outside my bedroom window.

I'm sure we'll be painting outside with friends.We will be painting outside with friends for sure.

I can't wait for my hydrangea to bloom.Summer will bring me my glorious hydrangeas.

A Colorado vacation may not be on the itinerary, but listening to my son IS.It may not be in Colorado, but I plan on listening to his music.

An outdoor Beatrix Potter tea party is on the agenda.

IMG_20130516_145648 rabbit teapartyPicking strawberries and blueberries are always on my 'to-do' list.                                   I’m also dreaming of strawberries and blueberries, that we pick.

My FAVORITE spring and summertime activity is reading aloud to the girls on the swing by the creek!

IMy FAVORITE spring and summer activity, reading aloud with my girls on the swing by the creek!I am giddy thinking about my irises that will soon be popping up.                                     It won’t be long and my irises will be popping up                                                                                                                           A trip to Colorado is not in the plans, but spending time musing and writing in lovely locations is..Josh has got it right! Musing and writing in gorgeous locations. 

Some outdoor naps are in order.Naps are a must.

And hanging out with my favorite people!Time spent with my favorite people is the best part of any season.

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