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Take a bite out of Autumn

October 9, 2014

Indiana’s fickle weather cannot decide if it is autumn or a foreshadowing of the unpleasant season that is yet to come.  Don’t misunderstand me, winter possesses pleasures all its own. It is just that my preference leans heavily toward dry and warm weather, but I will admit that a roaring fire can be a little too toasty in the summer, and I am an avid fan of a crackling, roaring fire.

Since autumn seems to be playing hard to get, as the saying goes, you’d better get it while the getting is good. Days seem to speed by. For many, seasons come and go, yet they are too busy to notice. I suggest you notice; notice the beautiful leaves changing quickly before our eyes. Notice the opportunities for you to enjoy moments. Few of us have time to just seize an entire fall day, so I suggest taking a bite now and then. Find moments to sit and just soak in the loveliness of this season. Take moments to be creative outdoors. Take moments to be with those you love as you all slow your pace.

My life has seemed a little hectic lately. My girls and I have been involved helping a sweet friend who just delivered twins. There are days that all I do is go, go ,go, but even in the midst of this, I know it is vital to find these moments. They may occur only a bite at a time, but it is so important that they do occur.It is my hope that you become inspired by our simple activities and take some bites yourself.


I love the color and beauty of autumn leaves.


It takes time, but helping friends should always top our to-do list.


School work must get done.  An electrical outlet in the bunny barn helps facilitate a math lesson in the location of their choice.

outdoor reports

Picnic tables are also good for writing reports.


Your friends can also visit while you do your work. (home schooling at its best)


When I can’t find the girls, I just check the picnic table by the barn.

paint 2

Once again, every activity is more fun with friends. Our orange cat was aptly named Toulouse.

paint cat

Everyone’s an art critic.


Anytime is a great time to snuggle friends.

story paint

Reading aloud while painting, a fantastic combo. Notice the handy, dandy can of mosquito spray. They like fall too.


Reading aloud can lead to this. Naps for everyone.


Take time to notice nature’s little treats.

mo knit

The cold rainy days are perfect for knitting with friends.


We took time to help others to take a bite out of hunger.

Life can be so rich just by adding simple pleasures into our busy days. Loving, giving, creating and escaping are all pleasures I encourage you to add to your life this autumn. This season like the others is fleeting.  Enjoy this autumn, enjoy life.


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