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In the Face of Change

August 12, 2014

The one thing that you can always be certain of is change.  No one likes it, many fight it, but it is inevitable. Some change is good, even pleasurable such as the changing of the seasons, the changing of the sky as you gaze upon a sunset and the changes you see in your children as they grow. Other changes bring with them sorrow and sadness such as the change of seasons, the sun as it slips below the horizon and the changes that occur as our children grow.

How can the very things that bring us pleasure also bring such sorrow? It is because they do give us so much pleasure that the change is so unwelcome. Familiarity is comforting. Routine and pattern bring security, but they can also lack adventure and growth.

There are many positive outcomes of change. One is a new and improved routine and pattern. Another is new wisdom, knowledge and perspective.  Change sometimes forces us into a new adventure or way of living that we on our own are not brave enough to attempt. The greatest aspect though of change, is that in the midst of it, we tend to cling once again to God, and refocus on what is important in our effort to find stability. Jesus is the rock. He is our anchor in any storm and in the midst of any change.

Sometimes we do not realize just how far we have drifted until we scramble to find our plumb line. It stayed firm and secure as we changed without realizing it. See, actually change is happening all the time. We just may not be aware of it. It is when the big waves come and we scramble for the shore, it is then that we realize how far we actually swam, or drifted out.

Change may very well be a wonderful tool to bring us back to center. We cannot bring the sun back from below the horizon, and we cannot halt the passage of time, but we can focus on that which is immovable. God’s plan for us as a whole and individually remains steadfast. Our lives may seem out of control, stuck on the fast forward button, heading in every direction at once, but if we focus once again on Him, we will find that Jesus and His direction for us did not change. He is steadfast. He continually stands ready to order our steps if we but refocus once again on Him.

Change is coming. Tomorrow you will be another day older and so will your children. Tomorrow, decisions and choices that you make today will alter your life. Tomorrow the world will be a different place as change occurs in every single life on the planet. But tomorrow, Jesus will not change. He will remain the same. He will love you the same and His purpose for you will remain the same. In the face of change, seek His face!

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  1. Diana permalink
    August 12, 2014 12:21 pm

    Thanks Debbie….I’ve never been a person who particularly liked much change in my life…good thoughts for me.

  2. August 13, 2014 7:54 am

    Change isn’t my favorite thing either! But I know everything changes, and with God, it will be good! Thanks for the article Debbie!!

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