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Escape from the Thorns

March 10, 2014

Outside my window the snow is just beginning to melt from the worse winter on record for my region. Prior to this winter, I had only experienced sub-zero temperatures twice; minus five being my record low. Zero and above became welcome forecasts as we endured multiple days dipping down to negative 16 and even 20 below zero. I never knew it could get so cold.
Yet indoors my home is warm and toasty and sitting directly in my sunniest window are trays of seeds; the starts for my summer vegetables. Heirloom tomato seeds are perfectly planted in rich organic soil. As I watch them grow I am dreaming of a day in summer when they will reach their peak in ripeness and I will carry them to my kitchen and prepare these luscious beauties in every favorite way my family enjoys them.
I long for ripe tomatoes sliced and sprinkled with balsamic vinaigrette and feta cheese; while my husband just wants a knife and a bottle of salt.
Once spring arrives it is my plan to transplant each of these emerging little plants directly into the garden plot that I will prepare. It always looks so beautiful on that first day; rich brown soil and vibrant green tomato plants. The problem is that it does not look that way for long. It takes no time at all for the weeds to pop up and overtake my long dreamed of tomatoes. Unless I weed the garden and remain diligent in this, all my work and my long dreamed of tomatoes will be just that, a dream.
One year a friend allowed us to plant our tomatoes in her garden. We have a lovely yard but it is filled with shade. For our crops we are dependent on the kindness of friends who have some extra soil. We planted two rows of the luscious red treats at her house. Unfortunately the drive to her house limited our visits and our weeding diligence. It did not take any time at all for the weeds to overtake the plants and we got only a few tomatoes from all those plants.
The Bible tells us that the cares of this world are like the thorns that choke out Gods Word. The seed is good, the soil is good, but we allow the weeds and thorns to run rampant. Producing a harvest with wonderful yields requires diligence to keep the garden weeded. Our focus must be on doing what it takes to allow our plants to produce the largest, most healthy crop possible. Allowing weeds by either neglect or laziness will choke out our plants and our harvest.
The cares of this world come in many forms; worry, lack of trust in God but what I am addressing here today is the weed of busyness. Every activity and obligation requires our time, attention and devotion. God has not only asked but requires that we love Him with ALL our hearts, ALL our minds, ALL our souls and ALL our strength. Our ALL is rarely devoted to God. We may desire to love Him with ALL, but our time, attention, thoughts and devotion are spread to so many other things.
If I want tomatoes, weeding and the care of my garden have to be a priority. If I want to love God with ALL, He must be my priority. Too many things vie for our time and attention. Too many things steal our love and thoughts.
Spring is just around the corner. It is the season when we prepare our soil. Spend some time thinking about the soil of your heart. Is it ready for God’s seed? Are the activities and demands of your life conducive to a harvest of ‘ALL’ or are there too many cares of this life already crowding your garden? Plow up that garden now. Prepare your soil so that your harvest can receive your full attention. Begin weeding, yank out all that competes for the life that is in your soil. You are the gardener, it is up to you.

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  1. Noah permalink
    March 10, 2014 5:10 pm

    I remember we talked about this the other day 😉 It’s hard to imagine giving ALL of ourselves to one Person, but the benefits are certainly worth it!

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