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Raise Your Hand if You Hate Winter… Not So Fast!

February 27, 2014

There is so much about winter to hate, especially when it has been a winter for the record books. Endless snow and ice, record low temperatures that occur again and again, stuck cars and hazardous driving conditions are only a few of the unpleasant issues that we here in America’s Midwest have had to deal with. But even with all of these issues, I am still not dreaming of spring.
I have learned to enjoy this season. I am not talking about the unbearable frigid biting cold. I’m not even talking about the more pleasant aspects such as the beautiful white landscape and the vibrant blue skies that occur after a humdinger of a snow storm.
This winter, I have found a season of peace. The inability to venture outdoors has helped me to slow down, rest and to learn to enjoy silence. I have discovered the moment of the here and now. I am learning to cease striving and to just ‘be.’ Oh what fulfillment awaits us in the silence and in the ability to live in the ‘here and now’.
We tend to live on “future scan.” We are always thinking ahead, planning ahead and wishing for the future. Very few of us truly take each moment as it comes and live it to the fullest. To fully live in the moment our minds must be completely present.
I have begun taking spans of time to sit at the feet of Jesus. My goal is to be silent and behold Him. Our minds are rarely silent. Our thoughts are like run away bulls charging into the future. We are well trained on thinking of the future. In the winter, we think of spring. In the spring, we think of summer. When we are young, we wish we were older. When we are older we dwell in the memories of the past. The here and now is a place we rarely visit.
As I have challenged you to slow down, I have taken my own challenge. It has not been easy and I will be honest that I have been in the process now for almost 3 years. But it has finally happened. My life’s pace has decreased and I have found a place of peace that I dwell in. Notice I said dwell. In the past I rarely even visited a place of peace.
When I decreased the demands of my life and recognized the vital importance of being present in the moment and spending time being silent before the Lord, my life began to change. It did not happen overnight. I was quite entangled in the cares of this life. I was filled with my own dreams and motives and they all drove me to pursue busyness and a life that was filled to the brim. But it was not filled with peace and joy.
Two places in the Bible where the cares of this world are discussed are in the parable of the sower. In this parable the seed, the Word of God, gets choked by thorns or the cares of this world. I’m pretty sure choking leads to death. Another place is in Luke 21:34 where Jesus is telling His disciples about the signs of the end of the age. He warns them that the anxieties of life will cause the return of the Lord to close on you unexpectedly.
We normally view winter as a time of dormancy and even death. But it can be a season of sowing to peace. Bundled inside our homes we can choose to spend some time beholding God. We can take some time to develop a love relationship with the Bridegroom. We can learn to bring our thoughts captive as we find His voice in the silence. Instead of wishing away this season we can seek to encounter our King fresh and anew. We can move away from token Bible study and prayer time and truly find out what it means to give Him our devotion.
Jesus is returning for a bride; a bride madly in love with her bridegroom; one that is spotless, waiting and alert; one that is not entangled in the thorns. Please use this season to go to the secret place; to not merely visit but to linger and even dwell there. Soon you will wish spring would tarry, for you are entranced gazing at Jesus. It is my hope that when the blooms begin to beckon and the garden calls my name, it will be Jesus who has my full attention and I will only turn to glance at spring with great reluctance.
So stop hating winter. Stop dreaming of spring. Ask the Lord what He wants to show you now in this season. He will not be able to show you or talk to you unless you quiet your life and your mind and listen to Him. Quit gazing at spring and instead turn your gaze to Jesus. Take advantage of this cold quiet season and hunker down with Jesus.

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  1. Diana Metz permalink
    February 27, 2014 12:10 pm

    Thanks Debbie….your insight always gives me something to think upon. Lots of changes here with my mom’s Heavenly Graduation, January 9. Trying to ‘find my place’ with so much more time on my hands. Spending more time with ‘the Father’ knowing He will guide me to my next stage of life. Blessings, Diana

    • February 27, 2014 2:52 pm

      I am sorry for your loss. I know that is a huge change in your life. I hope that this next stage of your life is the beginning of a deeper more intimate relationship with the Lord. Begin to make it your daily goal to pursue Him wholeheartedly. Make it your aim to find our what it means to love the Lord with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength.

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