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A Student of God’s Emotions

August 21, 2013

Summer vacation is coming to a close. Did it live up to your expectations? If not, do not be discouraged, things rarely go exactly the way we think they will. I imagined plenty of time for relaxing, accomplishing major projects around the house and plenty of time spent at the feet of Jesus. I’m not feeling too successful on any of these counts. We can easily get down on ourselves when life does not go according to plan or when we recognize our shortcomings. We can begin to look at our failures through our own eyes and begin to beat ourselves up. In the process of beating ourselves up we run from God, thinking He is so displeased with us. While in the midst of these very feelings, I read “Come Away My Beloved,” by Frances J. Roberts. This is what God so wonderfully reminded me:

“O my child, you thought you would run from me. But I am everywhere in front of
you, and you have only run into my arms. I care for you – yes, I think of you
constantly, and I seek to do you good. You fear my rod of correction; but as
it is written, it is the love of God that causes men to repent. Take My love and
in the taking, your heart shall be warmed and made tender, and at the same
time encouraged and made stronger, so you will not need the rod, nor anticipate
my displeasure. For if it is true that human love covers a multitude of sins, how
Much more true is it of the divine love of God the Father! Knowing My deep love
for you, your own heart will no longer condemn you. My grace extends to the
least of My children, and My tenderness shall make you strong. I go before you
daily to prepare your way, and you will be accompanied by My goodness and My

One of the reasons that we slip into self-condemnation is because our focus is off. In the book, “After God’s Own Heart,” by Mike Bickle, he states that “religion has been so focused on ME and trying to become what we think is required. What would it look like if we became a student of God’s emotions; if we wanted to know what wonders, pleasures and fearsome things filled God’s heart; what emotions burn in the personality of God? What if we gazed at the beauty of His holiness instead of following a list of requirements?”
I believe a focus on these things can transform our lives. I for one am tired of focusing on my shortcomings. That method seems to make me run from God instead of to Him. I do want to insert a caution here. I am not talking about allowing ourselves to sin or to continue to walk in any form of disobedience or rebellion. Instead I am encouraging you, that when you are convicted, do not get down and begin the vicious cycle of self-pity. God’s conviction means He loves us and that we belong to Him. That is something to be thankful for. Now is the time to run to Him. Do not wait to feel worthy, for no one is. His grace will bypass your shortcomings. “When the Lord corrects His sincere, yet immature, disciples, He is not angry with us. He still loves and enjoys us in our immaturity; however, He loves us too much to let us stay there. Although we do not always understand it, He is bringing us forth to maturity. He knows what awaits us – the glory of being His bride and the spiritual treasures that come with being mature coheirs of the glorious Son of God. Firmly, but tenderly He woos us away from anything that would hold us back from that which is His best for our lives.” (Mike Bickle “Passion for Jesus”) Our sincere intentions to obey are very significant to God but his love is wooing us toward maturity.
So as we head into the fall, all us of are faced with different things. Some of you will begin a new school year either as a teacher or as a parent sending your children to school. Some of you face the cycle of returning to second homes and others have medical issues to face and still some of you face futures that were not in your plans. In all these things Jesus is calling us into a deeper love relationship with Him. He is wooing us to have passion for Jesus and to be after His heart. I want to encourage you to fan into flame your passion for Jesus and the gift that He placed in YOU. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you and be strong and courageous. Encourage one another and build each other up. If your focus has been on yourself, your shortcomings or your own sorrow, together let’s adjust our focus to Him.

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  1. Diana permalink
    August 21, 2013 7:03 pm

    Thanks Debbie….I needed this. Sometimes when the pressures of daily life close in, the sorrows of misunderstandings cause an ache we need to be reminded….thanks again!!

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