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Beach Front Dream

May 31, 2013

The glass door is fully ajar allowing the lake breezes to gently blow into our beach cottage. Outside the lake is a chameleon constantly changing colors, silver, grey, blue, aqua, all sparkling, all drawing my gaze out the cottage windows. Our family has once again loaded our van to the brim and headed for Lake Michigan where each year the challenge is to find that perfect house to rent. We are still looking.
The challenge is always to find the most for our money. Of course we want a view of the lake and direct access to the beach. Those two desires just bumped us up to a whole new price range. Our strategy then is to try and rent our desired house the last week before the summer rates kick in. The risk is being on the brink of summer is not always the same as the summer.
This year’s house is the right price; a steal for beachfront property. Let me translate beachfront for you. Beachfront in Michigan means down 60 steps of stairs, a short stroll through the woods and an average trudge over some nominal sand dunes and ‘ta da’ beach front. That explains why I am admiring the water from my window. Yesterday’s trudging was plenty.
Since I was a kid, I have dreamt of summers at the seashore. Living in the heart of the desert in Las Vegas, who wouldn’t be dreaming of some water, any water. Playing in the waves, searching for shells, or in the case of Lake Michigan, polished pebbles, riding a basket clad bike down quiet tree lined streets; these are the activities of my summer time imagination. But alas, one week off- season is the closest I get. I finally have the bike with the basket but my hip has sabotaged my pedaling plans. Instead my husband looked quite cute on my bike as I strolled instead.
In case you might need a definition of true love; true love is when your husband lets you ride your bike downhill as far as you can coast then brings along the van with the bike rack for the trip home. No pedaling required for an uncooperative hip.
I am still tempted to dream of our own little cottage on the shore, but little on this shore might just cost you millions. I just read an article about a family who owned a beach cottage bought during the depression for $750 furnished who just sold it for half a million dollars. I think I’ll keep dreaming.
But I am reminded as I sit here in my beach gazing tower; I am living my dream. Summers for my family are wonderful and special. They are days that bring joy and childhood delight to my children. Although we try to fit in numerous day trips to Lake Michigan; for the most part our summers are spent in the beautiful green countryside of Indiana. Our water romping happens most in an above ground pool that is the perfect place for whirl pools. Bike riding doesn’t happen a lot since our drive and lane are just gravel, but our yard, lush with green grass is the perfect place for catching jars full of fireflies and playing murder in the dark.
Our screen porch is the perfect place to set up the TV for our own version of a drive-in movie. Then open up the futon and it is the perfect place for little girls to camp out.
Life is so much richer when we recognize all that we do have instead of dreaming about what we can’t have. Our summertime enjoyment would be so much richer if we lived each moment, if we watched our children romp and play, if we just jumped in the pool and made a whirl pool ourselves. Very few of us have dream summers of carefree days on the beach, but all of us has the opportunity to take a time out from the computer, take a time out from the TV, take a time out from the indoors and head outdoors and share a summer evening with your family. A simple game of tag or a stargazing party on a quilt will do wonders for you. One game of murder in the dark and you are 12 again.
I am enjoying these brief days in my little “beach front” cottage. I am trying to soak in every moment and I will do the same when we head home. My dream summer is anywhere with my loved ones.

beach house

beach gate

Don’t let this lovely gate fool you. Behind it is hiding the stairs to the beach.

beach stairs

beach view

My girls enjoyed some bike time.

anna bike

emily bike

I forgot to mention the reason for our beach getaway was to celebrate Steve and my 30th wedding anniversary. I love this man!!!!



3 Comments leave one →
  1. Donna permalink
    May 31, 2013 1:31 pm

    Happy Anniversary you two!!!! WOW!!!! 30 years….have a wonderful time !!
    Love you tons……Donna

  2. jody hollis permalink
    June 3, 2013 8:29 pm

    I enjoyed your trip Debbie. Nice time I could tell. Jody

  3. Peachy permalink
    June 3, 2013 11:21 pm

    Love the read. Happy Anniversary. Blessings to all.

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