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How Many Times?

April 5, 2013

A sunny Friday has found me with an ailing back and I find myslef constrained to the sofa. Well then, that must mean story time. So today I pulled out “The Evergreen Wood” an adaptation of the Pilgrim’s Progress for Children. In this charming tale, Christopher Mouse makes the decision to take the perilous journey from “The Dark Wood” to “The Evergreen Wood.” My girls and I enjoyed his little journey which is a parable of the journey all Christians must make.
Hoping to be a devout Mama, I was prepared to give insightful instruction to my girls as we read along, but as I read this delightful child’s tale, it was I who recieved the insightful instruction.
During one segment of Christopher’s journey, he had fallen asleep along the path and when he awoke he ran quickly up the path. When he arrived at the top of a difficult hill, he realized he had left his book containing all of his help back down at the bottom of the hill. Needless to say, he had to scurry once more down the hill and up again. “As he climbed back up the hill, he sighed to think that he had trod that path three times when he need only have trod it once. ‘How far might I have been by now,’ complained Christopher, ‘if I had not spent the day sleeping (and retracing my steps.) The () is my addition.
Thus inspired, I wrote the following poem. I share it today in the hope that those of you who may also be wasting time sleeping or retracing the steps you’ve already trod will be inspired to get off that dusty old road, leave behind those things that so easily entagle, and move onward. Let’s do it together. I think I’m done with this segment of the journey and I’m ready to move on.

How many times must I tread this path, each step I’ve seen before?
I’ve come this way, tripped on these stones, I dream of so much more.
Yet here I am once again on this familiar path;
I’m wasting time on this well-known jaunt, so let’s just do the math.
To arrive at my desire, I must pass by point B;
Back to A is of no help, this is plain to see.
Did I get lost or lose my map or is it only fear;
That keeps me from journeying onward; my goal does not feel near.
But it is closer than I think, the new road’s just ahead;
I’ll get off this rotten highway and choose a brighter way instead.
It seems upon this same old road, my sight has grown so dim;
So I’ll relinquish false desires and submit my life to Him.
I’ve been trapped with lesser pleasures; they’ve kept me on this road;
But once for all I’ll lay them down and release the path I’ve strode.
Look ahead, there it is; a brand new path to tread;
No longer will I retrace my steps, I’ll only look ahead.

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  1. Bobbi permalink
    April 5, 2013 2:40 pm


  2. jody hollis permalink
    May 21, 2013 12:46 pm

    So thankful how God helped you to speak this for Him. Jody

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