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Moment by Moment

March 25, 2013

On Saturday I moseyed to the creek.  Today I would need a team of sled dogs to get there.  What a difference a day and 12 inches of snow can make.  We never know what tomorrow holds.  The next hour can even throw us a curve.  Those who have suffered great tragedy or unwelcome news can vouch for that. Unfortunately I know of precious people who received life altering, grievous news.  I myself received such a phone call that changed my life.  We never know what the future holds.

These statements are not made to bring fear, but to remind each of us to enjoy the moment.  Now I am not talking about the careless irresponsible attitude of, “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die;” absolutely not.  I am talking about the pace of our lives.  I am talking about focusing on the time and people at hand and not living in the future or the past.  Today is the day that God has given us to live.  The people who surround us today are the people God wants us to focus on, today.

My nest is beginning to empty.  My children are growing and going and this season of motherhood is changing.  Some mothers in this situation loose time and the precious moments of ‘now’ while they take time to mourn what is past. Others deal with life by staying on that fast paced treadmill.  Go, go, go; it is all they know to do.

The seasons are changing; although the snow was not informed of this.  It is time that we change also.  For those caught in this recent snowstorm; did it throw your plans for the day or did it open the door of opportunity?  Did this day mean snow forts and snowmen, hot cocoa and rosy cheeks or did you press onward; scraping the car, braving the roads and keeping to the plan?

No one knows what the future holds, but today we can stop, take a deep breath, open our eyes and notice those around us and take time to love them and enjoy the moment we are in.

Gotta go; I see a snowman in my future.

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