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Hold on; it’s Coming!

March 11, 2013

DSCF6569If you are an Indiana resident then you know what it means to live under a grey sky.  Winter in this part of the country has no imagination what so ever.  Every once in a while the sun may shine gloriously, but most days it alternates between dull grey and dull white.  It can give a person a severe case of spring fever or the “I’m becoming a snow bird” blues.

But today I found it.  The “it” I found was that glorious evidence that the grey sky party is just about over.  A small warm snap has melted the snow, finally, to reveal little hints of spring making their way into the world.  My daffodils are peeking, and pushing their way into my life.

Just as winter feels like it will never end so do the struggles of this life.  All of us face trials and tribulations of every kind and variety.  Some days we face them head on, strengthened by resolve, courage and determination.  Some days our weakness is overwhelming and it is only by God’s strength that we even hang on.  Then there are those days when you run for cover, close your eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Remember when you were a kid and you were positive that if you closed your eyes and could not see the monster, it could not see you?  Well, you try that trick again.  Guess what?  It wasn’t true then and it didn’t get any truer with time.  And the grey days of winter that go on, and on and on, don’t seem to help any with defeated feelings.  They only seem to exaggerate the problem you are facing.

Dear friend, hang on!  You are not as alone as you feel.  It is not as grey as it seems.  Even when the ground was covered with snow, the daffodils were alive and heading toward the surface.  Although we could not feel it and although we could not see it, spring was on its way.  This trial that seems to have the better of you right now is not how it seems.  The victory may be just out of our sight but it is there.

At the end of our long dark winter, is a spring that fascinates me every year.  To say that spring bursts forth here, is an understatement.  When spring finally decides to make an appearance, the green is like an explosion.  The pink magnolia trees are stunning.  Flowering trees erupt everywhere and spring green is almost fluorescent.  The air is fragrant with blossoms and daffodils grace almost every yard. Soon the memory of winder begins to dull and fade and spring makes way to the glorious summers of Indiana; sunny, green and pleasant.  Although it feels like it will never come, it will.  It does every year.

God has not left you alone.  There is an end to the darkness you feel.  Often the struggle that we are in is our struggle against our own flesh.  We live in a limbo of torment due to our own inability to submit.  Often too our trial is due to the fact that we are on the wrong path.  We chose the path when we filled our longings with the world and they just did not satisfy.  Sometimes God is refining us for a greater purpose and the trial lasts only as long as our stubbornness. Sometimes we are in darkness because we ran away from the light.

You actually can bring an end to this trial.  Crying out to God is always a marvelous idea.  Submitting to what He’s trying to teach you also does wonders.  Relief, just like Spring can be just around the corner.  Take one or two steps toward the right direction if you have gotten off track.  The Lord is eager and waiting for your return.  He hates to see the sorrow and grief you have been in.  He desires to fill every longing that you have and it will not depend on your understanding, it will depend on His amazing sufficiency.  To mis-quote a famous saying, “Hope and Spring are eternal.”  They will both return.  I bet if you look hard enough, there are signs.

Today my hope is just that someone is encouraged.  It is no fun to be in the dumps and in the dark.  Do not believe the lies that are whispered in the dark.  Lies like, “you are all alone, no one cares about you.”  Lies, lies, lies.  You are cared for and loved.

Spring is coming and so is the sunshine.  Soon the light will burst forth and a new season will be upon you.

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  1. jody hollis permalink
    March 15, 2013 8:54 am

    Enjoyed your message and always the sun is shining some where. the best is yet to come Jody

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