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Try A New Perspective

March 5, 2013


Once again there it was, the dull grey sky greeting her awakening eyes; a sky lacking any qualities that would beckon one to the day.  It was the same sky that had lacked any welcoming properties for mornings on end.  It lacked all color and all warmth that should rightfully greet a person to a day.   She rolled to her side and drew the comforter closer to her chin, closing her eyes once more; hoping that maybe just maybe if she opened her eyes again she would find that the sun was indeed shining.  But as she gazed once again around her room, the dark shadows and total absence of cheer confirmed to her that yes indeed spring was still in hiding.

As much as she hated to, she drew her tired body from the warm cozy bed.  As she slipped her feet into her waiting slippers, her toes were sure that they did not approve of the cold.  She hurried to the hearth where she quickly tossed some wood onto the few faint embers still glowing there.  She blew on them until they glowed brighter and brighter until at last, a little flame leapt up to begin licking at the awaiting log.  Once she was sure, the promise of a fire was assured, she turned on a few lamps as she leapt back into the lingering warmth of her bed.

The room now began to glow with the rosy glow of the fire and lamp light.  Ahhh, so much more welcoming, she thought as she drew the comforter around her as a cocoon.  Shadows of fingers danced upon the ceiling and flickering firelight glowed in the crystal gracefully dripping from the lamps.

Morning should welcome you to the day, she thought, not cause you to retreat.  As the sleep that once engulfed her faded with the evening shadows her eyes began to wander around her room.  The bouquet of yellow roses sitting on her dresser gave their best shot at deception.  Their gloriously opening blossoms belied the true season that was just beyond the drawn curtains.  The sound of small icy pellets knocking against the window pane, confirmed her resolve to keep the curtains drawn, build the fire brighter and to gaze more lovingly at the glorious bouquet.

March fifth; on the home stretch toward spring and here they were, in the grips of another oncoming winter storm.  It was time to begin planting the trays with the hopes of summer’s harvest.  But the sound of the ice against the window chased all ideas of red ripe tomatoes away.  Maybe tomorrow, she mused and pulled the covers closer.

I would like to imagine that this is the opening of a Jane Austen type tale.  It sounds a bit bleak at first but it soon changes with just the addition of fire and a little light.  This was not really my morning.  Instead I awoke with a slight fever and felt down right rotten.  There were no waiting embers but once again there was that waiting grey sky.  But as I laid convalescing on the sofa, being down right grumpy about the approaching winter storm, I decided to look at it all from a different perspective.

Our perspective makes all the difference.  Too often we respond the same over and over to the stimulus that is around us.  I challenge you today to find a different perspective on one thing; just one thing.  These pictures of my beautiful yellow roses are the things I decided to look at from a different perspective.  I hope that they are just the beginning of a life long journey of a whole new way of seeing things.

I would love to hear your comments.  What did you look at differently today?  Start with a flower; the next thing  I hope you see differently are difficulties, people and God.

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  1. Peachy permalink
    March 5, 2013 4:40 pm

    I love to read your post. Thank you for another thought provoking read. I’ll give sharing a stab. Here goes….
    Digging for a healthy meal for my children I find soup that is about 4 days old. I have served it twice with salad and baked potatoes. The pot was never revisited for a second bowl. I refused to think that this totally organic homemade soup with beans, veggies, lentils and organic spices was going to go to waste. Here it is staring at me in the refrigerator again, taking up lots of space. I thought …..just pitch it…, I can’t……freeze it….toss it….its got 20 bucks of veggies here….pitch it…..its so healthy for them….make them eat it!!!! Then I thought I’ll create something new from it. I added cayenne and salt. It cleared up the stuffy noses and they asked for more. Yes sometimes we just need to change our perspective..Thank you Lord for the food in our refrigerator, Thank you Lord that we are employed, Thank you Lord that I am alive today.

    • March 5, 2013 5:10 pm

      Thanks so much for sharing. This is why I wanted to hear everyone’s comments. It really helps to share our new perspectives with each other. Many great minds have many great ideas.

  2. Diana Metz permalink
    March 6, 2013 5:49 pm

    Last week I’d decided to make tuna packets for lunch. I do these by making home made biscuits, flattening the biscuit, filling it with a bit of tuna mixture, and then folding it over like a small turnover.
    Not sure where I went wrong, but as I mixed all of the ingredients together….alas, it was as thin as cake batter. I must admit I did a bit of a panic as I was already late with lunch prep. I knew my husband and my mom were getting hungrier as they waited. Oh what to do? I couldn’t bring myself to throw out the batter. Since it looked like cake batter I decided it would become a cake!! (A much better perspective than I’d had a few seconds before when I was attacked by panic.) I added all of the ingredients I could think of that might come close to making the runny ‘biscuit’ batter a spice cake. Yes, that is exactly what came out of my oven about 45 minutes later!! A warm, delicious (my husband said so) spicy, fruit and nut spice cake.
    In the mean time I really did not want to serve PBJ’s to my husband and mom. I began to look around my refrigerator and discovered enough warm-ups that each person at the table was able to have a full plate of food…all different from the other, but satisfying.
    It always does work out right in the end….it’s all in the perspective!!

  3. jody hollis permalink
    March 15, 2013 9:05 am

    Debbie I have not had the time to read your post but this morning I have this little time and it was so good to read. I look at our winters here with a knowing that I can stay inside now that I don’t have to go out to work for my living. When it is bad outside I alwasy think of those who are having to drive in it and I pray for them.

    In side i work on my afgan, and I almost have it done. I am on row 95 it takes 101 to do it and sometimes I just enjoy reading , I think I enjoy this season becasue I can do some of the things I really enjoy.

    I must tell you that I enjoy you and your lovely yellow roses. what a blessing you and your family have been to me. Yes, spring is near and we have those flowers peaking though too. Jody

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