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Hold Still and Quit Squirming!

February 1, 2013


Lately, I have been spending quite a bit of time babysitting my great niece.  She is a sweet and precious, almost one year old.  I love it when she crawls up in my lap and snuggles.  But those snuggles are short lived.  Within minutes, she is popping up and crawling down off my lap only to want back up immediately.  I pick her up again; I get the ‘fake out’ snuggle; as I call them, and she is hopping down again.  She never tires of this cycle, and every time she does it, I am faked out believing she might actually stay nestled in my arms this time…wrong!

There is a praise song that I love to sing.  Its words stir my heart.  “There is a God who loves me, who wraps me in His arms.  And that is a place where I’m changed, and that’s where I belong.  Take me to that place Lord, to that secret place, where I can be with you and you can make me like you. Wrap me in your arms, wrap me in your arms, wrap me in your arms.

Oh how often do we beg to crawl up in our heavenly father’s lap, only to crawl back out within moments?  Then as the pressures of life press in, we quickly cry to crawl back up; only to receive a quick snuggle and crawl back down again.  We are very skilled at ‘the fake out’.  Dear one, it is only ourselves that we have faked out.  We have received our quick fix and want down from our heavenly father’s embrace as soon as the next thought of our own cares, flitters through our busy minds.  Our belief is that we actually spent time with God, but He was just beginning to hold us, to love on us and to bring us fully into His embrace, when we leap off His lap.

Facebook is full of cute pictures with catchy phrases.  They are called memes. They are the current day comic strips and editorials.  Most memes encourage us to act better, be better and to change.  Just a question; how many of you actually changed for the better by reading a meme on Facebook?  There is one place that we are changed and that is in His presence.

One of the longings of the human heart is to be enjoyed by God.  We all long to be loved, to feel that we are valued that we mean something to someone. “So we preoccupy ourselves trying to fulfill our longing with the affirmation of others or we assume that our ultimate value is derived from our contributions.”  Oh that you were able “to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.” Ephesians 3:18  It is in His presence that you will find your true value.  It is there that you will find that you are cherished.

“He desires and delights in us for reasons bigger than anything we can secure by or dedication or achievements.  Our lives have value and importance specifically because God enjoys us.  This all may seem too good to be true, but it is true – gloriously true. We are defined by the One who pursues us.  We are not just the sum total of what we accomplish.  We are defined as important by the virtue of the One who wants us, loves us and enjoys us.  Our success is measured solely by the fact that Jesus values and desires us.  God enjoys His people and will go to great lengths to pursue them.”

“God’s desire is to awe us with the pleasures available only in relationship with Him.  He taps us on the shoulder and whispers “Turn around! Look at the superior pleasures, the beauty of My Son, the greatness of who you are in God – My chosen partner who will rule and reign with Me forever and ever!” It is when we fix our eyes on these things, on the greater pleasures of God that something happens in our hearts.  The First commandment shifts into first place and we begin to live for Him wholeheartedly.  The pleasures sin had to offer suddenly appear as they really are; cold, hollow and always demanding our time, attention and energy while butchering our hearts piece by piece.  When the scales are removed from our eyes, we realize just how much God has to offer.  And what He has to offer is precisely what we’ve been chasing after.”

We have run from place to place trying to fulfill our longings, but just like my niece who thought she wanted down from my lap, found out it wasn’t what she really wanted.  “God remains confident that His bride will only find fulfillment in returning to the identity and destiny for which she was created – to be the Bride of Christ.  The Bride of Christ will have to come to a holy romance if she is ever to be truly happy.”

Today, crawl up in his lap.  Spend time there.  Delight yourself in the Lord.  Delight in His embrace.  Forgo the lesser things for the best thing EVER.  Love the Lord your God will ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your mind and ALL your strength.


Click on the link below to view an inspirational music video of this song.


All quotes are from the book “The Seven Longings of the Human Heart” by Mike Bickle

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  1. jody hollis permalink
    February 19, 2013 4:08 pm

    Debbie this was so good and held so much truth in it. God has blessed you with a gift of writting along with much more. Jody

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