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Turn on the Light

January 26, 2013

Turn on the Light

    I adore lamps.  Actually, I am quite fond of any home décor that makes a house warm, comfortable, inviting and, well; a home. So today I am adding photos of a few of my lamps.  As I took these photos, I realized how many unique and wonderful lamps I do have.  But the main reason that I love lamps is for their illumination.

Besides the warm glow of light that radiates from each of my lamps; another thing has brought illumination to my life.  I have been reading a wonderful book by Mike Bickle called, “The Seven Longings of the Human Heart.”  Mike Bickle is the director of IHOP, International House of Prayer, where my son Josh is currently attending a 6 month long internship.  His book has brought some much needed light to issues I feel that we all deal with.

I recently celebrated a birthday. Not only have I surpassed 50, I am adding digits in the ones place faster than I had planned.  So, alas each birthday is a time to reflect and even get somewhat flustered with the passage of time and the realization that many dreams are still unrealized.  It is in this context of feeling a tad unhappy that the light was turned on.

“There are inescapable cravings in the core of every human heart that cannot be ignored, denied or pacified; they must be satisfied.  When we wake up in the morning, whether we realize it or not, we are being driven by innate desires that demand answers and refuse delay.”

Some of us are more driven than others by these desires.  Those with “type A” personalities and those aging without the result they desire on the horizon.  Creative types also have minds and hearts bursting with the need to create that which stirs in their hearts and minds.  Personally I can relate to all 3 categories. But all mankind, type A or not, have these longings planted deep within them.

Here is where the frustration and sorrow can enter.  These are true longings; placed there by God.  But they have not been placed there for the purpose of self-actualization and success; they have been placed there; deep within us by God “for the purpose of wooing us into His grace and purpose.”  AH-HA; the light has been turned on!

“Longing; few words capture such depth of emotion.  A longing is not a superficial want that might be satisfied by a simple act.  A longing is not even a genuine need for which we can demand satisfaction.  Longing goes deeper than that.  A longing is an ache of the heart.  It is a cavity of the spirit crying to be filled.  It cannot be reasoned with, negated or dismissed.  If not attended to, it will overtake us.  One way or another, whether legitimately or illegitimately, a human longing will be filled.  It must be.”

I don’t know about you, but it is my guess that we are all not too different.  I have some pretty strong longings, and as I read this book, I found out, they are longings that are universal to mankind.  We all long for love and acceptance.  We long for beauty.  We long for greatness and we long to make a deep and lasting impact.  HOW we feel these and how we go about fulfilling these longings is what drives each of our choices, beliefs, character formation and life.  We may respond differently to the longing, but at the core of who we are and the path that we are on is the same longing that was placed there by God to be fulfilled by God.

The problem is, few of us really know how to seek God for the fulfillment of those longings.  Enter religion, rules and regulations.  Enter addictions, sin and driven people.  We have attempted to classify these longings as bad and stop them.  We have sought to fill them with choices made available by the devil, as he has “twisted our cravings to temp us into darkness.”  But each path still leaves us longing.  Setting goals and striving after dreams, fulfills for a season but never brings true fulfillment.  “When these longings are not fulfilled in God, we are left empty, with pain, mourning and dissatisfaction.”

“We have built into us a God-shaped vacuum, which remains empty until we allow God to fill it by fulfilling our deepest longings.  This gnawing hunger is only sated by God’s touch and never totally fulfilled in this age.  Even so, having the merest taste of this satisfaction is to truly live, and having the faintest revelation of that future fulfillment is the pinnacle of what it means to be alive.”

So today, stop long enough to ask yourself these very important questions; What am I spending my time on?  What am I seeking? and What longing am I trying to fill?  These are very deep thought and heart provoking questions that will not be answered in a moment, a day or even much longer.  But it is a place to start.  Today we can begin to recognize that there are true longings in us.  These are not wrong or bad, but we must look at how we seek to fill these longings.  It is time for some shifting and refocusing.  I will be.  I plan on turning a lot of light bulbs on.  Will you join me?

All statements in quotations are taken from the book, The Seven Longings of the Human Heart  By Mike Bickle.  This book  will be available in a month.  When it is available I will post the link so that you can order your own copy



4 Comments leave one →
  1. Lucy D. permalink
    January 26, 2013 8:39 am

    Sweet post. The pictures are fun. You could add some decorating tips to your posts too…this was fun. One of my quilting blogs regularly sends YOUR posts out! Love and miss you… praying for your family regularly.

  2. January 26, 2013 12:01 pm

    I just love the lamps, both inside and out.

  3. Noah permalink
    January 29, 2013 4:16 pm

    🙂 Thanks for this, Debbie!

  4. jody hollis permalink
    January 30, 2013 4:10 pm

    The longing I have is to get out to spend a day again soon. The lamps only made me want to see each of you. I guess you life and the family light up my life. Jody

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