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Be an End-Time Preppie

December 22, 2012

The Mayans missed it.  The end of the world did not coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar.  There always seems to be someone proclaiming, “The End.”  Preppies, not those alligator clad, oxford wearing young lads of the 80’s, but hard core, end time survivalists stock up on food and weapons and prepare to live off the grid.  Who should we listen to?  What steps should we take?

It is clear that the Word tells us to be on guard and to be alert; but are we watching for, “The End” or is it Jesus’s return that we should be gearing up for.  Preparation needs to be made, but it is a preparation of the heart.  Let’s start with the first step to end time preparedness. You must be awake!

We live in critical times.  Jesus will return.  Yet many of us are sound asleep.  We are not watching, waiting or preparing.  Step one is to wake up.  Many have become weary of waiting for the return of Jesus; after all, we’ve been waiting 2000 years. However, the Word tells us that if we knew the time of His return we would not stay asleep.

In the days of Noah, people were going about their everyday lives.  Noah had been building an ark and proclaiming his message for 120 years, but who listened?  God has given us a warning also.  Do not be caught like the people in Noah’s day or like the foolish virgins in Matthew 25, who lacked oil for their lamps when the bride groom returned.  God is sounding the alarm.  Wake up! Do not hit the snooze button.

Once you are fully awake, your next step is to begin stockpiling fuel.  I mentioned the foolish virgins.  They lacked the oil they needed to keep their lamps burning.  Without fuel the fire will go out.  Our fuel consists of knowledge of the truth, a consistent life in prayer, and a fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Truth, and a steady diet of it, equips us with discernment which is vital for the end times.  Many will come in the name of the Lord yet are filled with deception.  A deep knowledge of the Word and a mind that is renewed are our protection from error.  Time devoted to the study of God’s Word is the food that we would be wise to stockpile now.

Prayer is what Jesus will be looking for at His return.  In Luke 18, Jesus is looking for those who will cry out day and night. Jesus wonders when He returns will he find faith on the earth.  Prayer is a powerful weapon that all end-timers will need.  With the darkness becoming darker and “the” great harvest still ahead, prayer will be our lifeline and tool for the harvester.

Abiding in Christ and moment by moment submission, open the door to a greater increase of the Spirit’s operation in our lives.  It is by the Spirit that we will be overcomers.  It is by the Spirit that we will not only survive, but be victorious in the end times.

Be alert.  Be vigilant. Preparation is essential for the end times.  Stock up now with the tools and weapons that will truly prepare you for “The End;” His Return.

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