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November 21, 2012

It is just one day away.  How did that happen?  Now, don’t tell me that I am the only one that holidays seem to sneak up on.  I have actually been preparing, but it always seems to surprise me anyway.

The one thing about time that surprises me as I get older is its speed.  As children, the days seemed to drag and we thought the holidays would never get here.  Now as adults, we just blink and WHAM, it’s here.

I am afraid that our children do not experience that same, insufferable waiting that we did as children.  For our children today, their lives are speeding along at the same crazy speed that ours is.  Even though when we were young we hated how the days seemed to drag, we now dream of the chance for time to slow just a bit.  It really was a blessing to live long full days.  Our children deserve some long draggy days too.

I’ve always known that as you age time seems to speed up.  It is also true that the busier you are the faster time goes by.  The problem for us today is that not only are we aging but we are also busier, so are our children.

As a young girl, I remember having hours and days to make my own Christmas decorations.  Those were the days of construction paper.  You could make everything with a colorful package of construction paper.  Of course there was always the red and green paper chain made with paste.  Does anyone remember paste?  It had the consistency of shortening and dried into a hard crumbly mess.  And snowflakes, I cut out a million snowflakes.  I still love cutting out snowflakes and I do every year.

I also remember the Thanksgiving crafts I made every year.  I think every child alive in America has turned a silhouette of their hand into a colorful turkey, with each finger a different color.  I also made my share of pilgrims in lovely top hats clad with buckles

I had hours and days to enjoy the anticipation of the holidays.  Even though I thought I would die from waiting, I now treasure those days of anxious anticipation.

Today I want to share a great gift idea for you.  I know exactly what you should give your children this year.  It truly is the gift that will keep on giving.  Give anticipation.  Give your children the time to wait excitedly for the holidays.

I know that even while you take the time to read this your ‘To Do’ list is growing; but please, please, PLEASE, find a way to slow down and eliminate.  It is not only our children who need to enjoy a little anticipation this year.  Dear Mama, a trip back in time would be good for all of us.

So today pull out a package of construction paper.  Slap your hand on a piece and trace those fingers.  Cut out a few pilgrim hats, they can double as place cards for your Thanksgiving table.  But do take a moment or two to enjoy a little anticipation.

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  1. Libby permalink
    November 17, 2011 11:12 am

    We went into a department store a few weeks ago that already had Christmas decorations up and Christmas music blaring through the speakers. I was so surprised and loudly let my children know (and the people around us) that we would not be shopping in a store that is decked out for Christmas BEFORE Halloween! Oh, I know, I did not set a good example for my kids by leaving the way we did, I’m an emotional person and it sometimes gets the best of me.

    In our house we have 3 birthdays at the end of November and first week of December. So no matter how much we all want to decorate early, we wait until all of our birthdays are done before we celebrate with the biggest birthday party of the year. A few years ago my mom gave us a train set that goes around the Chrstmas tree. My youngest daughter was talking about how excited she is to get it out and play with it again. I think this year we will do some hand made decorations to put up too.

    Tonight I am pulling out construction paper and crayons, we are going to make some turkeys!

  2. Lucy permalink
    December 1, 2011 12:11 pm

    While I was cooking, Caleb patiently took Margaret and drew her hand, then showed her how to make it a turkey. I don’t remember teaching him that, but am glad HE knows to do it.~

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