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The Last Standing Sand Castle

July 13, 2012

     Another good one from the vault.  Things we need to think on.  Enjoy!


     This morning I strolled along a quiet beach.  It was quite a different scene from the previous day when the sands were filled with summer loving families playing games, swimming and building sand castles.  I was enjoying the cool breeze, the peaceful surroundings and my diligent search for a certain type of rock when I noticed them.

     Every 10 feet or so there they were; the remnants of sandcastles.  Just one day ago they were glorious structures, fortresses defying the waves.  Today moats surrounded piles of forgotten sand crumbling further with each new wave.

     Who can visit the beach without at least one attempt to construct the perfect sand castle?  Yesterday my boys failed in their attempt to defy the waves and watched wall after wall demolished by the waves; but they still tried.

     As a cautious mom, my unvoiced suggestion was to build the castle further inland, away from the water’s edge.  But I am learning.  Part of the fun and challenge for my sons is to defy the waves and defeat them.  They seek to conquer.

     As I walked along the water’s edge I noticed two kinds of castles; those a safer distance from the waves and those with mighty buttresses jutting directly into the water.  Who built those castles and why did they build where they did?  I actually tend to be more like my sons.  I like to defy the waves.  It may be more that I want to control them and create a safe haven behind my walls.  But ultimately my goal is not the wall, it is the lovely castle behind the moat.

     The other thoughts I had concerning the dissolving castles was how one day they are the sole recipient of our attention and tomorrow they are forgotten crumbling sand.    Eventually there is little trace of our efforts and someone else comes along and builds again with the same grains we once used.  After all we are building right where many others have built before.

     One of my sons found the remains of what once was a mighty fortress.  Much work had already been done.  So he spent all his time until the sun set completing an incredible foundation for a castle.  He wanted it to be strong enough so that he could return to it in the morning.

     Yesterday I read excerpts from, “Moms Who Changed the World” to my family.  The part I read was incredible stories of pioneer moms and the hardships and challenges they faced.  Many died pursuing a dream and conquering this land.

     As I looked at the fading sand castles I thought about those women, the women who went before us and blazed a trail, the moms who battled rivers, Indians, storms, prairie fires and loss of loved ones. Most are nameless.  We do not see the direct results of their sacrifice, yet we have built upon their foundation with their sand.

     What will those who stroll behind us find? Will the castles that we have built stand?  Will the foundation we leave give those behind us a perfect building spot?

    As mothers, our greatest foundation to build upon is our home and families.  Quite often we feel like we are building with sand.  We work and toil yet walls crumble around us with each wave.  Do not become weary.  The waves are relentless.  Some days they barely lap at your castle other days they are a raging storm.  But you are building a powerful foundation, one that will last.  When others come behind you, they WILL find something to build upon.

     One day our lives will be done and the sand castles we have built will begin to dissolve. But we can leave a foundation for the next generation of builders.  The sand they use will be the sand we leave behind.  They will create a masterpiece from our remains.  We are tomorrow’s pioneers.

     So today be a mom who changes the world.  Create an incredible foundation and build a mighty castle.  As those who stroll behind us view the beach, let yours be the last castle standing.

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  1. JOANIEF. permalink
    July 13, 2012 10:41 am

    Made me cry……in a good way.

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