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Dreaming of the Beach

July 7, 2012

     I absolutely love a day at the beach.  This week, my day at the beach was not that much fun as soaring temperatures sent me to the ER with heat exhaustion.  Things are fine now, but boy did I miss getting my time at one of my favorite spots.  So today I am reposting a day at the beach that turned out much better.  If you dare to venture out during this heat wave, make sure you stay cool and hydrated and hopefully, in the water.


     The lake came into view, an endless expanse of blue glass.  A rare day at Lake Michigan; not even a gentle lapping at the water’s edge.  The line that separated the crystal clear sky from the water was lost in the distance.  A lone sail boat drifted on the horizon. What filled its sails, I do not know, for not even the slightest breeze blew across the water’s surface; yet the temperature of the air was perfect.  Ahhh, me and the beach… oh, and 6 teenage boys and 4 little girls.  A dream day at the beach? You bet!

     As I have sought to slow my pace and enjoy life around me, so many moments have opened up. Today those moments began with a 2 hour drive to the lake in a car full of kids.  I enjoyed every minute of singing and silly games.  It is amazing how many adjectives start with the letter P and how many crazy items you can fit into Grandma’s cookie jar.  My life’s pace has truly changed and one result is how my mind now enjoys the moment.  I do not miss today because I am so busy thinking about tomorrow.

     Take one 30 foot beached log and 6 boys and what do you get?  Hours of entertainment.  Once they heaved the old tree off the beach and into the water, it became a pirate ship, a balance beam, a lumberjack’s log roll and eventually a primitive raft. 

     If there is a sand dune, boys must conquer it, even if it reaches 50 feet above the beach and is covered with scorching sand.  Everyone must climb it, leap off the top and run down it at break neck speed crashing headfirst into the lake.  Everyone that is, except me.  Spectator is my sport today.

     Then there is always the sand castle, or sand fortress complete with moat, rock buttress and protruding serpent’s head.  Each teen showing great promise as an architect.

     The girls run straight into the water the moment we arrive and they come out six hours later when it is time to leave.  No drama, no nail-biting for me, just water-logged skin and a hefty sunburn.

     Summer is synonymous with a day at the beach.  Do your best to find an ocean, lake or even a pond.  Then load the kids, a bag full of obligatory sand toys, sandwiches in marker labeled zip lock bags and of course an umbrella and chair for you.  Then sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of life and make sure you dive into the cold water at least once

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  1. July 7, 2012 12:05 pm

    Nice!! Living the life out of a day at the beach…..NICE!!

  2. jody hollis permalink
    July 9, 2012 1:14 pm

    Debbie I enjoyed the beach with you. I could see every bit of it as I read your blog. Great day lets go again Jody

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