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Camp Time Fun

June 26, 2012

     Every camp needs a campfire.  There are few things better than a crackling campfire surrounded by your favorite little campers.  Watching the rising smoke as it disappears into a star filled sky brings a sigh then peace.

     First I want to give you some basic, unprofessional campfire tips.  If you are able to make a permanent fire pit, dig a shallow hole and surround the edges with rocks.  For a temporary fire pit, dig and peel up the grass in a large piece of sod.  When you are done using this for campfires, you just replace the sod and in a short while you will never know that a fire once blazed on that spot.  You can also purchase a free standing fire pit from a discount store or a lawn and garden store.

     Make sure that the fire is not too close to the tent for safety reasons but close enough for it provide light and heat if needed.  One of the very best things about camping is the campfire.  There are few things better in life than the mellow sound of a strumming guitar with voices joined together amid the dancing flames of a campfire.  Staring into the flames becomes mesmerizing and eventually helps you head off for a peaceful night of slumber.  Oh, did I say peaceful?  Well it’s peaceful until the first screech owl calls out.  The raccoons fighting in the creek are also not a pleasant sound at night.  But for the most part, the cool air, sound of frogs and crickets and the nearby crackling of the fire send most campers off to sweet sleep.

     Before you head off to dream land, enjoy a good game or story in the tent by lantern light.  Many people associate ghost stories with campfires and camping.  I avoid ghost stories.  The purpose of this time with your kids is to spend special time together.  It is neither special nor fun to be scared.  We need to help our kids to be brave and feel safe in new situations.  Forgo the ghost stories and replace them with stories of adventure and bravery.  The Swiss Family Robinson is a great tent story.  Read stories of adventurers or explorers such as Lewis and Clark, Mount Everest climbers or jungle explorers.

     “Grandma’s Cookie Jar” is a great campfire game.  Each person takes a turn at saying what is in the cookie jar.  Each person has to recite what each person before them put in the cookie jar.  This is a great memory game.  Find a book of old campfire songs or even google them.  Who knows what you may find.

     Expensive camping equipment is not necessary.  Inexpensive pool rafts are fine for mattresses.  Sleeping bags are great but a folded blanket is just fine also.  Just make sure each child has their own flashlight to find their way back to the house in the middle of the night when nature calls.

     This summer, no matter what, make sure your kids get at least one backyard campout.  It would do you good too.

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  1. emi permalink
    June 26, 2012 12:17 pm

    wow it truely is that wonderful and even better

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