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Summer Nights are Calling

June 25, 2012

     Summer nights are calling our children.  Nights rich with the sights and sounds of summer; frogs singing their nightly chorus, crickets joining in and the fireflies providing the light show.  Our children must not miss out on the treasures of a summer night.  The TVs and games must become dark and silent as our children venture out into the night.  Memories are waiting to be made.  Recollections to warm your heart are just waiting outside the door.

      A screen porch or play house is a great place for our kids to wet their appetite for camping.  This is one step closer to the outdoors but still a safe bug free zone.  In a screen porch the sounds of night are not as frightening.  Younger campers will feel protected as they get their first taste of camping outside the house. 

     A playhouse is a small home away from home.  The solid walls offer a little security.  Our playhouse has been a regular summertime camping destination.  Often the scene is a long orange outdoor extension cord running across the whole yard connecting the playhouse to its life source.  This orange lifeline brings lights for game playing; the evidence of this is the stray monopoly money I keep finding out there. Sometimes they may even watch a movie in the playhouse.  We could never be accused of roughing it too much.  This is our version of man versus wild.

     Backyard tent camping is an adventure every child should have.  Just set the tent up in the yard.  The spot you use is actually very important.  First and foremost, your kids are not going to want to take it down for days, maybe even weeks, or until it falls down on its own.  So place the tent where you don’t mind killing the grass.  Try placing it in a spot that seems like wilderness.  But make sure you set one up this summer.

     The summer is waiting.  Our children need to go camping.  So find a tent, even a blanket hung over a rope, and head out to the summer night.

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