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Ahhhhh Summer!

June 19, 2012

Last night I was browsing through past posts.  I’m not doing so well at following my own advice.  It is good advice!  The things I have shared are true and worth fighting for.  So I am getting back on the wagon, no matter what it takes.  I plan on reposting some of my favorites.  I need to read them and my guess is you might need to also.  So enjoy a return trip to the joys of summer.  

   Ahhhhh, Summer!  Who can get enough of the sights and sounds of summer; the dappled sunlight upon the soft green grass;  the whispering sound of breeze blown leaves as a backdrop to an endless variety of bird chirps and calls; the Morse code tapping of a distant woodpecker and a temperature so perfect it is neither hot nor cold, so undistinguishable yet for a faint breeze now and then.  Summer – the promise of a season of fun; warm days that hint at adventure and breezes that beckon you toward the nearest hammock and afternoon naps in the shade.  Summer – a dream that each summer day would last a week; the sound of children splashing and laughter in the dark as a voice calls out, ”ready or not, here I come!”; the sparkle of fireflies and the squeals of joy as joyful children pop them into waiting jars.  Ahhhh summer!

     The summer of my youth was lived outside.  It meant marathons of hide and seek or kick the can.  We camped in the backyard and compared our numerous ant bites in the morning.  Summer was about building forts, aggressive games of croquet, running through the sprinkler, making a slip and slide from my Mom’s favorite vinyl table cloth and swimming until we were sufficiently water logged.

     At the time, our play and adventures seemed so commonplace, just lazy days with nothing to do.  But today they are the precious memories of a perfect childhood, a dream of the past that you wish for the future.

     What are the memories our children are making?  Do they have the hope of endless days spreading before them with nothing but fun on the schedule?  Is a “Tom Sawyer” summer a thing of the past, or will our children try their hands at building a raft, constructing a fort or forming a secret club?

     Summer days filled with nothing more than leisure are becoming extinct.  The simple joys of summertime childhood may soon only exist in wonderful books. 

     The summer breeze has awakened a dormant desire in me.  Tom Sawyer, The Bobsey twins and Julian and Portia from “Gone Away Lake”, have called out to me from the distant past.  They are coaxing me to offer my children a summer free from this culture.

So what is on the schedule today?… Absolutely nothing.

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  1. Nancy permalink
    June 19, 2012 3:01 pm

    Haven’t been on your blog for awhile, so I’ve spent part of this day catching up . . . and I’ve enjoyed the visit.

    Our summer has been filled making new memories. We’ve attended an unusual number of weddings and showers for young people whose lives have touched ours, including three nieces. They all would tell you it’s been a very good year. 🙂 We’ve said “farewell for now” to friends whose journey here has ended – one who won her battle with cancer this past Sunday, and another who lived out her three score years and ten. And we are in the process of saying farewell to my husband’s job and praying for clarity on what the Lord wants of him in the days and years to come. All of this is good. We are making memories still, working in the garden each evening, reading together in the quiet of the house, romping with the grandchildren until our bodies are weary and our hearts are full. Simple joys belong to all, and perish the thought they should ever go away.

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