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The Lazy Days of Summer

June 15, 2012

   Lazy- 1: disliking activity or exertion 2: encouraging idleness 3: not rigorous or strict

     Most of the time, we use the word “lazy” in a negative context.  “That lazy old cat,” “stop being so lazy,” “get off your lazy rear and do something.”  We associate laziness with being unproductive, and that, in today’s society, is unacceptable. 

     But there is a phrase we don’t hear much anymore; “the lazy days of summer.”  When you think back and remember the summer days of your youth what comes to mind?  For most adults today, we remember spending our summers playing, uninterrupted by much of anything.

     For me, there was just day after day of playing.  No activities to attend, no sports teams to participate in, nowhere to go, nothing to do.  I do not remember my parents setting up any activities for me.  Once I finished my chores I was free to run outside, find my friends and be a fun loving kid for three full months.

     I associate “lazing” around with the south.  I lived in Houston for a number of years so I understand humidity.  I know that southern porches were there to overcome the heat and humidity, but I can’t help wishing for some idleness on a porch swing sipping some lemonade (minus the humidity).  I can almost hear the slow “creak… creak… creak…” of the old swing.

     We all could desperately use some “lazing” porch time.  (to laze is to pass time in idleness or relaxation) How about the gentle swaying of a hammock as you listen to the breeze rustle through the leaves.  What if you stayed home for two maybe even three days, IN A ROW, with nowhere to go and nothing to do?  Imagine lying in a hammock, so immersed in the clouds floating by that you only faintly hear the laughter of your children as they run around the yard.

     If you possess any of the qualities that I fight with daily, then you too may find it difficult to be lazy.  I am the queen of, filling every minute and I’m always filling any spare moment with, something, so I can be more productive.  I am all about, accomplishing, and I am quite good at it.  But I have found out that I have not done well in accomplishing one thing… learning to relax.  But the summer is calling to me and coaxing me to s…l…o…w… down.  The hammock and porch are calling my name.  If you listen real intently, you will hear them calling you too.

     But there are rules.  1.  You must “laze”.  2.  You must turn off your pre-recorded thought process.  That means no thinking about work or what else you need to accomplish.  3.  Lemonade is optional but relaxation is not.

     So pick a day this week and “laze.”  You may find that it is habit forming.  As you discover the “lazy days of summer” maybe your children will then discover, being a fun loving kid for three full months.

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  1. June 25, 2011 9:40 am

    Debbie I am at last taking the time to read and I am with you about slowing down to give time for your soul to rest and hear what we are in this life for. I am enjoying your thoughts.

    I think most of us need to hear what your saying. do have a lazy summer with your children. Jody

    • June 25, 2011 6:08 pm

      I know we are not in this life just to run from one place to another. Thanks for always helping me to have more time.

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