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That Was a Darn Good Book!

June 1, 2012

     My girls and I have been reading “The Wind in the Willows.”  We love it so much we can’t wait until we visit the pages of the book once more; but with each chapter we finish, it means we are that much closer to the end.  Have you ever read such a good book you never wanted it to end?

     I have come to the end of another chapter; and just like “The Wind in the Willows,” I’ve enjoyed it every day, but now I’m near the end.  It is with satisfaction and great joy that I have traveled this journey.  Tonight is the end of a chapter and the end of this book.  There will be other volumes written but the main characters will change, the setting will change and even the plot will be different.  Tonight my son Joshua will finish his high school career and graduate.

     For twelve years, our home has been the setting.  Joshua was home schooled.  For seventeen years, our family has been the main characters.  The plot and purpose of this part of the story has been focused on training, character development, education and love.  Soon, things will change.  It is time for a new chapter and a new book.

     Today. I am very proud of my son.  He has grown into a very fine young man.  His heart is steadfast on those things which matter.  He loves the Lord and his family.  He is caring and obedient in action and in his heart.  He has shown himself to be diligent, self motivated and gifted.  I am a blessed mother.

     To those of you still in the middle of your book; I want to share just a few thoughts with you.  I’m going to give away the ending; but don’t worry, it will not ruin the story. 

     The ingredients to a happy story ending are the topics I have shared with you for 180 blog posts.  Time, love, adventure, creativity, time, love, peace, joy, time and love.

     I am still in the midst of three more excellent stories.  I am trying to practice what I preach.  I want to be completely satisfied with the outcome of each story.  I am not just talking about the people who my children become, I am talking about knowing at the end, that I spent my time and effort where it really mattered.  That when my time of raising children is over, that I look back and find countless memories of time spent together in love, joy, peace, adventure fun and in Christ.

     I thank God for creating Joshua, my mighty warrior for the Lord.  I also thank Joshua for blessing my life beyond words.  Joshua, you are an awesome young man.  You have brought such incredible joy and richness to my life.  Although this story has ended, a whole new adventure now begins for you.  The story ahead of you will be filled with even greater love and adventure.  Well done good and faithful son, you are a blessing and a bright light in our lives!

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  1. Jarebear permalink
    June 1, 2012 11:22 am


  2. jody hollis permalink
    June 27, 2012 9:37 am

    Debbie not only have I been there to see this young man grow into all you have said but just this morning I was reading just what is wrong with nations when it comes to raising up children for our Lord. The missing thing is found in the need for family worship. In the time when any nation under God was stroung it was because of Father’s always having family devotion. Spurgeon message is desperaly needed today. ” to see the kingdom of our Lord advance” ministry needs to begain at home. Thank you for giving of your self to your family. Jody

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