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It is Time for Some Adventure.

April 5, 2012

     T he approach of summer is once again filling my middle-aged heart with youthful fantasies.  The creek that runs along our property seems to beckon me to follow it deep into the woods that do not belong to me.  I’m sure I could build a darn good fort back in there.  I’m torn between mowing our own woods or leaving it wild and untamed, ready for adventure.  So today I decided to revisit one of my favorite blogs.  The message is true and with the warmer weather I think we all need  little temptation toward adventure.  Enjoy!

     Years ago when I visited Disney land, I think my favorite part was Adventure land.  In my heart I think I am always up for an adventure.  I think our kids; especially our sons do not get enough adventure.

     Have you ever fantasized being marooned on a deserted island?  I don’t think that this is a rare musing.  Just look at how many books and movies pertain to this topic, “Swiss Family Robinson,”  “Robinson Crusoe,” “Gilligan’s Island,” and even “Survivor”.  There are actually countless books, stories and movies that deal with this idea.  Why?  I think we all love a little adventure.

     Unfortunately the majority of adventure that we and our children partake in is limited to virtual adventure.  We only watch it on TV or partake through a joy stick.  It is time to head outside and experience a little of the real thing.

     The last thing a busy Mama has time for is finding adventure opportunities for her children.  I will share some “wisdom” with you.  The only thing that is required of you is to just wet their appetites and throw them outside.  If given the opportunity, most kids will make their own adventures.  It just takes a little bravery on Mom’s part.

     Mama, I’m telling you now.  We may never get it.  Boys are created to love adventure, to love weapons and to love taking risks we Mamas don’t want them to take.  But take them they must.

     Yes, there is risk involved.  Cuts and scrapes are to be expected.  Dirt and lots of it will occur.  Mess and bizarre contraptions will litter your yard and home.  They may want to try things that overwhelm you.  Your logic and good sense will yell, NO.  But hold your tongue.  So much more is possible than you think.

     Years ago, when my now married son was 7, he wanted to build a Spanish galleon in the creek near our home.  He even went so far as making posters complete with our phone number to post in the neighborhood recruiting help.  I wanted to bring in some reality and reason without squashing him.  I checked out library books on how to build a model size boat and also a life size row boat.  Neither was acceptable to him.  He wanted a full size Spanish galleon.  He also wanted to start his own radio station, horse farm and government (him) controlled commune.  He made a raft, not quite sea worthy, just like Huck Finn.  I just kept him away from deep water.  He kept me hopping.

     I felt like I was constantly telling him why it could not be done.  Then I received some wise advice I have tried to continue to use.  A woman told me, “Just let them do it, if it can’t be done let them decide that.  Don’t be the one who always squashes their dreams and tells them why it can’t be done.  You may be surprised what they really can do.”

     Fear ruins so many things.  We fear messes, we fear demands on our time, we fear harm for our children’s bodies and feelings.  We have got to stop operating in fear.  Adventure happens when fear is set aside and courage takes the lead.

     For our children to experience adventure, we Mamas are the ones that must take that step of courage first.  It takes courage to let our children go, to let them explore the unknown and uncontrollable and to allow them to experience defeat and failure.

     I hope I do not need to sit here and quote all the sayings about failure and how it can ultimately turn to success.  The only way it can turn to success is by attempting again and having the right attitude about it when it happens.

     So pull out a wonderful adventure story.  Read it aloud at the dinner table, beside a roaring campfire or inside a cozy tent.  Fill their minds and dreams with mental pictures and stories of danger and adventure.  You will not have to dangle that bait long at all before they bite.  Then sit back and watch as the adventure begins.  You may even want to join in.

     Our lives are too tame.  Our children need to experience life outside of electronic guided play.  The great outdoors are calling.  Who knows, you may birth the next great adventurer for God.

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