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Is Your Boat Ready for the Wind?

March 19, 2012

     It is a beautiful sunny day.  The water’s still surface is as smooth as glass.  There is not even a flutter of breeze.  The problem is that you are in the midst of the sea, in a sailboat.  You have finally emerged from the storm.  You were thrilled with the blue skies, then… nothing. There is no clear direction to go and there is no wind to get you there.  Where is a trustworthy weatherman when you need him?  Why did you take a sailboat out on a day like this?

     Just as difficult as a storms in your life are the times when nothing is happening, there is no clear direction and you feel like you are standing still.  You’re tempted to do anything, even if it’s wrong.  But sitting still in a dead zone is unbearable.

     Mothers can feel this way while raising children.  Men can experience this in business in a sagging economy and our youth preparing for their futures struggle with this as they face an uncertain future.

     Who holds the map for our lives?  Who controls the wind?  I, for one am the type that would whip out my trusty wind making tools. I would expend great energy trying my hardest to give my life direction.  The Trix logo comes to mind, “silly Rabbit!”

     God gives us seasons for a reason.  Winter is a great time to deal with indoor messes so that when summer rolls around we can head outside and enjoy the weather.  Spring is a time for planting and fall is for the harvest.  Certain activities are called for in certain seasons. Oh, but the waiting season; I doubt many enjoy it.  But just as there are tasks for the other seasons, so there are tasks in this dull, directionless, stagnate season.

     It is my opinion that waiting on God calls for preparation.  As you pray, seek His will and study His word, you should be preparing.  The wind WILL pick up.  When it does, will you be ready or caught off guard?  When your sailboat begins to move, will you be at the rudder  with sails ready; or will you be below deck, depressed and sulking?

     Moms, this time period of changing diapers, washing clothes and wiping noses has great value for your life and the lives of your children.  The repetition can be mind numbing but the value of what you are doing now cannot be contained in this blog or all the books on the planet!  There will come a day when your time is more your own and you will look back and see that you were preparing for the wind all along. 

     Men, we never know what the future or the economy will hold.  It is time to prepare.  It is time to prepare yourself and your business so that you will succeed and be able to weather any storm that is ahead.  Noah was building LONG before it ever began to rain.  When the floods come is not the time to start building your boat.

     Teens, the promises that were available just a few years ago for young adults do not look as bright for those now entering college.  Tremendous college debt coupled with uncertain job opportunities has changed the current atmosphere.  Youth no longer feel free to choose the field of their dreams but instead must think practically.  You have no clue what direction to take or where your true interests lie.  God has a plan for you.  Seek Him even more.  Listen to Godly council.  Stay in prayer and renew your mind daily with His Word.  The wind will begin to blow.

     The fact that you are in a windless environment may very well be God’s mercy on you.  He knows that your boat is not yet equipped for the wind that He will be sending your way.  Take this opportunity to prepare.  Is your heart where it should be?  Are your finances in order?  Have you taken the time to set goals for your future?    Is your household in order for those He may send?  Do not sit and mope because you lack direction or that you feel you are not being used by God.  Honor Him with what you have in front of you right now at this moment.  Give whatever is in your life right now your full effort even though it may be dull.  You may not see the value of your lifeless boat but God knows the wind is coming.  He will send it when your boat is ready.

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  1. greatzane permalink
    March 19, 2012 7:37 am

    I needed to remember this very thing this morning. Thanks.

  2. Joanie permalink
    March 22, 2012 9:19 am

    love it!

    thank you debbie.

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