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Is it Really Spring?

March 8, 2012

     Ahhh, spring time has returned.  Well, at least for today.  This time of year as the days bounce back and forth between glorious sunshine, snow flurries and tornados; we can find ourselves basing our plans and moods upon the weather.  The hope of spring brings a stirring within you; an itching to run outdoors and dig in the dirt.  Then another freezing, cloudy day comes along and we lose all hope that spring will ever get here.

     Sadly we tend to be creatures who determine their paths by the weather.  If it’s a nice sunny day, we are on top of the world and ready to conquer it.  Along comes some clouds and cold winds and we hunker down in a corner and wait for the sun to return.  Add a freak snowstorm, and all hope is lost.

     Life is not comprised of endless sunny days. Clouds, cold and storms are common.  Every now and then, a tornado even rips through our lives.  Some people battle winters that seem like they will never end.  A downright ice age has a grip on their lives.

     Even though I am not certified by any meteorologist organizations I am here today to forecast the weather. Grab your umbrella because it is going to rain.  Have your snow shovel handy because snow is in the forecast and while you’re grabbing your winter parka, don’t forget your sunscreen and bathing suit.

     The struggles that come along in life will continue to come along. The weather will not stay the same.  Now don’t tune me out.  I am not preaching doom and gloom here.  We actually can have many more sunny days.  We hold the power to change many of our own circumstances.  It is true the storms may still come but it is our preparation and attitude that will make all the difference in how severely it affects us.

     For those who have been reading this blog; you have already read my series on setting goals and pursuing dreams.  For those of you who have not read that series yet, I believe it will be worth your time. They start on Jan. 7th 2012.  In that series I address many of the issues that can help you overcome, shorten the duration and even eliminate many of the storms that attack our lives.

     Some storms come because of the enemy.  He is out to kill, steal and destroy.  Other storms come because of our own choices and actions.  We ourselves can be pretty good storm making machines.  So as your weatherman today, my advice is this; turn off that storm machine.

     What am I talking about?  Let’s make a list.  Procrastination can produce some pretty good storms.  Then there is fear, wrong thoughts, disobedience, laziness, lack of right choices, unforgiveness, lack of conviction and the list goes on.  As you can see, there is much in your life that is controlled by YOU.

     There are some storms that we have no control over.  But we can control how we respond to them.  In the midst of storms from the enemy; our attitude and actions will have an enormous affect on how much we are battered by that storm.

     No matter how prepared or strong we are; sometimes we still just need some shelter from the storm.  We do grow weary at times.  We do struggle with keeping our attitudes and faith strong.  But that is why we have Him as our shelter from the storm.

     If today is a sunny day for you, be thankful and begin your preparation for future storms.  Here in Indiana, when an ice storm is forecasted, the store shelves are stripped of bottled water, certain foods and batteries. Do not wait until the storm is upon you before you prepare.  That is why DAILY time with God is essential.  It is in this daily time that we are made stronger and changed into His image.  Mindsets and beliefs are established and how we respond is changed.  Daily preparation through mind transformation can make us or break us.  We must be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Our thoughts must be His thoughts to survive and shorten the length of a storm.

     If you are already in the midst of the storm, it is NEVER too late.  Remember He is your shelter.  He will protect you and bring you through.  But you NEED to be IN your shelter.

     In my next blog I will continue with additional storm advice; but for today, this is my question for you.  Are you prepared for any type of weather?

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  1. Laura Kidwell permalink
    March 16, 2012 12:22 pm

    Thank you, Debbie! This is wonderful! I love your way of writing and I am so thankful for you!

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