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It starts With One Little Word

March 7, 2012

     And by the way, I left out a very important ingredient in regard to dreams; obedience.  Yes, I had to say it; the O word.  The O word is a word we seem to develop an aversion to in youth.  It starts with that first hand smack as you reach for the tea cup on the coffee table for the twentieth time at two years of age. Then once we are deemed accountable by our parents, the life long battle of obedience begins.

     If we are to experience what God has for us, we have to do what He tells us.  Some of us were inspired as children to obey by the reward that awaited us through our obedience. I am going to use that same tactic here.  The prize: your dreams come true.  The requirement: obedience.

     Sounds simple enough; but oh how we all know it is anything but simple.  Why is obedience so difficult?  I will give you two main reasons; the devil and our own flesh.  Years ago the comedian Flip Wilson created a national phenomenon with the catch phrase, “The devil made me do it!”  Flip was particialy correct.  It is the enemy that we do war against.  But more often than not, it is our own weaknesses and rebellious heart that fight against us.

     In my previous blogs about dreams and goal setting, I pointed out areas that require obedience.  I just did not use the O word.  It takes obedience to just start on the path of following our dreams.  That first step is a step of obedience. Then when you replace negative thought patterns with God’s truth, you have once again taken a step of obedience.  Going against the flow, facing your fears and pressing toward the future all required an act of obedience.  See, you’ve been taking steps of obedience all along.

     For each of us, God has laid out a road map of specifics to reach our goals.  Every one of us has the same master map; the Word of God.  Then he calls all of us to take our own personal journeys for which He will also provide a map.  Every map we follow, no matter who you are, must be based on the map maker’s criteria or you will become lost.

     The distance between point A and point B is never a straight line.  There are mountains and deserts in our paths.  Detours and road blocks bar our way; but obedience to the map will help us avert disaster and to follow a correct course.

     Today as you move forward to pursue the dreams that burn within you.  As you plot your course through goals and plans of action; remember this.  Your forward motion is dependent upon your obedience.  It starts with that very first step.  Some of you may very well be rebelling against the call to even take that first step! Obey!  Disobedience brings that smack on the hand.  Disobedience brings discipline and consequences.

      If you desire to experience the joy that life has to offer.  If you relish the thought of achieving lifelong hopes and dreams; then you must obey.

     God speaks to us in many ways.  The first and most sure way is through the Bible.  It is there that we can start by being obedient to His Word contained in the Bible.  Secondly, He speaks to us through a still small voice.  Get quiet long enough to listen for it; then make sure it lines up with your first source; the Bible.  Thirdly, but by far, not finally; He can even speak to you through me in this blog.  Have you been listening?  Is He calling you to step out of your comfort zone and pursue that which He has called you to?  Is He admonishing you to obey?

     Today, take that step toward all that God has for you.  It starts with one little word; obey.

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