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Don’t Go With the Flow part 6 in the “Renew” series

February 13, 2012

     Throw a stick in a stream and it floats along on the current.  Throw it in a river and the raging torrent swiftly carries it away; sometimes sucking it beneath the water’s surface only to spit it out further downstream.  The stick has no control.  It is a victim to the current that carries it.  Many people live their lives just like that stick.  They have no control over their own destination.  They are swept wherever the current takes them.  They have no goals.

     It is time to do one of two things.  First it is time to grab some oars.  You need to be in control of your own vessel.  Secondly, you may just need to swim against the current.  Your direction may not be the direction the current is flowing.  Through prayer and some self analyzation, it is time to determine what goals need to be set for your life.  Floating along with the current is no longer an option.  It is time to get some direction or start swimming upstream.

     We will start with some self evaluations.  Sometimes we just don’t know where to start.  In my last post “The Beginning of Your Path” I asked you to write down your dreams.  You need to take the time to do this.  It is time to take the dreams out of our heads and hearts and write them down.  Left in our hearts, we risk keeping them there as dreams that are never fulfilled.  No matter how large, how crazy your dream may seem; it will stay just a dream if you do not write it down and set some goals to get you out of the current that now just takes you where it wills.

     Write your dream.  Now write a goal for that dream.  Now set a deadline to achieve that goal.  This deadline is not set in stone.  It is important that you do not let that date be a self defeating thing.  Life happens.  God changes our path.  Things can come along that change our deadline.  Just adjust the date if need be; but be careful that it is not the enemy who constantly makes you adjust the date.  He is there working against you and your positive steps to move forward toward all that God has for you.

     Now look at your goal.  What obstacles are standing in your way?  List them.  Before you can have a plan of action, you need to know what may be there to stop you from achieving your goal.  No obstacle is insurmountable.  Some obstacles may seem pretty darn big.  Every mountain can be climbed.  We start with a single step and progress with consistent effort.  We must always keep in mind too, that we serve a God who can move mountains.  Don’t ever forget the “God factor.”  God is always a factor.  His power and intervention is constantly working on our behalf.  He promises to complete the work He has begun in us.  Remember that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and that in our weakness; He reveals His strength in us.

     Now list the solutions that you can see at this point in time for each obstacle that you have listed.  When you look at each obstacle you might come up with four, five or more solutions.  When you are done with your list of obstacles you could have ten, twenty or fifty solutions to achieve that one goal.  The solutions may be items that you will have to turn into a plan of action.  There may be multiple steps involved.  So now you ask yourself two very important questions. 1.  Is it worth it to me?  If your answer is no, then you need to ask the next question. 2.  Is it God’s will that I pursue this goal?  If the answer is yes, then the obstacles do not matter.  The difficulty in overcoming the solutions does not matter.  What matters is obedience to the will of God.  If He has called you to it then He will enable you and see you through it.

     It is time for some homework.  Are you ready to get the dreams out of your heart and onto the paper?  Write them down.  List your obstacles.  List your solutions.  Then ask the important questions.  It may not be time for all of your dreams; but I am positive that it is time for some of them; so take the step toward realization.   The goals that some of you need to set will not only affect your life but possibly the lives of others.  Are the souls of countless others depending on your action now?  My answer for you would be yes.  The dreams God has placed in all of us are ultimately going to touch the lives and souls of many.  So take the first step.  Get out of the flow.

Dear Reader, please comment and share with me how you are progressing.  If you need additional assistance or have questions feel free to e-mail me at   Remember to share my blog with your friends and if you haven’t already; please subscribe. (the spaces are underscores)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. lilgurney permalink
    February 13, 2012 7:10 am

    A wonderful way to start my morning!! Excellent thoughts, suggestions, Words of Wisdom,
    and Promises from God ~ thank you Debbie. 🙂

  2. Faith Wilson permalink
    February 14, 2012 1:56 pm

    I am thankful that the Lord cares about the desires of our heart and we are never to old to dream. Thanks Debbie.

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