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Guard Your Dreams (#4 in the “Renew” series)

January 23, 2012

     Cinderella was on the right track.  She sang that “a dream is a wish your heart makes.”  Hearts are where dreams are birthed.  Dreams grow.  They usually do not explode on the scene. God places a seed in our hearts.  He feeds it and waters it.  Passion is its fertilizer.  With time and some pruning our dreams develop.  They fill our desires and imaginations, and we long to see their fulfillment.

     Dreams are different than ideas or things we desire to accomplish.  There are many things that we can pursue and set goals for; but dreams are a different animal.  Dreams have to do with destiny.  God is the dream giver. Even if your dreams are based on your gifts and talents; He gave you those gifts and talents to give you a dream, to give you a purpose.  It is all about God’s plans and purposes for your life and the lives He wants to touch and change through your dream.

     So, do you have a dream?  Well guard it WELL!  We have an enemy who loves to snatch, shatter, destroy and kill all dreams; and especially those dreams from God.  Sometimes before we can even begin the goal setting process; discouragement has knocked us around so our dreams get set on a dark shelf or worse; lost.

     Discouragement is the natural enemy of dreams and it is Satan’s favorite tool.  To discourage is to dishearten.  To be disheartened is to lose hope.  A dark cloud covers your vision and you can’t see what you once saw for your future.

     Discouragement will creep in or it can smack you out of nowhere.  One minute you are a high flying volleyball the next; the enemy has spiked you and slammed you to the ground.  Your most effective offensive weapon is to walk in the Spirit and to keep your mind renewed; thus those scripture cards.  Prayer is important but praise will lift and rescue you from that dark cloud.  When you see those dark clouds on the horizon; slam the door and give no place to the devil.  Be very cautious because the enemy will use any weapon; including YOU.

     The devil loves to use our own shortcomings to trip us up.  Fear will stop all dreams before they start.  Jealousy is a cancer that will eat your dreams and self seeking and self promotion skew your vision and cause you to follow false dreams while the ones God has for you diminish and die. So make sure as you follow your dreams that you are first and foremost following God.

     Dreams are time sensitive.  It is God who determines their fruition. More times than not; we have much to learn and many areas to grow in before we are ready to see their birth.  Character growth, humility and selflessness are areas that must be developed along the way.  Maturity sometimes is the prerequisite for seeing our dreams come to pass.

     Be cautious who you share your dreams with.  They belong to YOUR heart and it takes rare friends that will encourage you along your path.  Many people are negative dream crushers.  You cannot let someone else affect your destiny.  Be merciful as you deal with pessimists and pray for them, but do not let them stop you.

     So what dreams are in your heart?  Do you have any that have been crushed?  It is time to identify those dreams.  It is time to revive those that the enemy tried to destroy.  It is time to pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you a dream that He want you to pursue.  You may already be on that path.  Ask Him for continued guidance and direction and the courage to continue.  But do not let others discourage you.  Do not let the enemy destroy you.  Do not fall victim to your own shortcomings.  Dream!  Dream!  Dream!

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  1. Noah permalink
    January 23, 2012 10:30 am

    It looks like you have one dream coming true so far, Debbie 😀 Keep this up!

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