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Are you Prepared?

December 22, 2011

     I’m on my way to the airport to pick up The Uncles.  Our family’s festivities are about to begin.  For the next week I will have a house full of family, friends and celebrating.  The gifts are purchased, wrapped and under the tree.  I just returned home from the grocery store so my cupboards are stocked and the stockings are even filled a little early.

     The big question though for all of us is are we really ready?  2000 years ago Jesus came into this world.  Who was ready?  The shepherds were doing what they always do, tending their sheep in the fields.  Were they ready?  I don’t know.  They at least responded to the message of the angels.

     We have all been quite busy I am sure; shopping, wrapping, baking, sending cards, attending Christmas programs.  We have been preparing for Christmas but have we been preparing for Christ?  I’m sure we’ve sung songs about Him, maybe even sent some lovely Christmas cards bearing the image of Him.  Hopefully we have given the greeting containing His name, “Merry Christmas.”  But are we ready for Christ.

     Jesus came to this world after a long period of silence.  The time between the Old and New Testaments is 400 years.  Rome was the ruling nation of the time, not Israel.  Caesar felt firmly in control.  He was not looking for the coming King.  The majority of the Jews were probably busy with their day to day lives, unhappy with the Roman occupation of their Holy land.  How hard were they looking for their Savior? 

     Jesus tells us that the cares of this world will keep us from being prepared for His return.  Yes, Dear One, He is returning.  He will not return as he once came; as a babe.  He is returning as King!  Are you ready?

     Christmas gives us a wonderful opportunity to prepare our hearts for our savior.  It is a holiday when we remember that he did indeed come.  It should be a reminder that he will indeed come again.  It should be our reminder that we need to prepare for His return.

     Everywhere you look, our society and the enemy is trying to take Christ out of Christmas.  People in leadership are renaming our beloved icons of the holiday.  Christmas trees are now called holiday bushes.  “Rome” is on the march.

     The enemy does not want you to be reminded to prepare.  He would love it if you were found sleeping when Jesus the King returned.

AWAKEN  my friend!

     With each preparation that you do this CHRISTmas, concentrate on also preparing your heart and your mind for the return of our Lord.  With each gift you give and receive remember that they represent the gift of Christ himself.  As you feast with your family, remember that you are celebrating the birth of YOUR Lord.  As you enjoy your decorations and gaze at your CHRISTMAS tree remember that our lives should be more beautiful with Christ in our hearts.  Then remember that this holiday is a reminder of things to come.

     2000 years ago, He came when no one expected.  Do not be caught off guard.  He is coming again. 

     Merry Christmas Dear Friend.  Enjoy this glorious celebration of Jesus Christ.  Spread His love, share His comfort and prepare for His return.

I will be enjoying this time with my family this Christmas.  Thank you for reading my blog and allowing me to share my heart with you.  I pray that you all will be blessed beyond measure this Christmas and truly find Jesus.   Merry Christmas!

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  1. Lucy permalink
    December 22, 2011 8:25 am

    Thank you, Debbie. I needed to read that…stressing at not being “ready”, when I need to focus differently. I love you, dear friend.~

  2. Noah permalink
    December 22, 2011 11:29 am

    It’s easy for even Christians to take the “Christ” out of Christmas cause of all the prep that goes into Christmas. Thank you for these reminders, Debbie 🙂 Hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas! 😀

  3. December 22, 2011 1:51 pm

    Debbie I enjoyed each one of your letters. I am ready for Christ the mus part is ready too.
    I am looking forward to visiting with you and Steve, children & brothers. God is good all the time. Merry Christmas Jody

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