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The Best Gift Yet

December 17, 2011

     Countless people headed out in the dark early hours the day following Thanksgiving searching for the perfect gift.  Many were seeking that 52 inch flat screen, the latest game system, iphone and camera all for amazing low prices.

     I know it is our love that would cause us to stand in line for 2 hours with a major case of heart burn with only a hope of getting that incredible advertized special.  It is really quite amazing the effort we go to.  But I must wonder, are we spurred by our love of a person or the love of a deal.  I, like many others am a sucker for a good deal.  I am easily lured in with a coupon to save $10.00, while I spend $100.00.

     Why do we choose the gifts that we choose?  Are we motivated by marketing or is it really love?

     We are down to the finish line.  This is the last full weekend before Christmas.  Are you done with your shopping or are you still wandering around Walmart in a daze?  I hope you have given thought to my previous gift suggestions; being noticed, peace, comfort, joy, thanks and celebration.  It is my great desire that you honestly consider these items.  A gift under the tree is a wonderful treat, but acknowledgement, peace and comfort truly trump a bow clad package any day. 

     But today I will share with you possibly the greatest gift yet.  Give your heart.  Oh, it may sound simple and you may think that you gave that gift last year.  I think we only thought we gave that gift.  I think the box was missing parts and the batteries were not included.

     The greatest gift we ever give to anyone is our heart.  Each of us gives the best we can but we give in part and we also take back our gifts.  It takes risk on our part to give this gift.  What if the recipient doesn’t like it?  What if they treat it poorly or ignore it all together.  With any gift there is always a chance the recipient will not like it.  It wasn’t on their list, it’s the wrong color or they just got something they liked better.  So we don’t give our whole hearts.

     The first name that should be on your Christmas list for this gift is Jesus.  He has actually put it on His wish list.  He asked you to love Him with your WHOLE heart. He will NEVER reject your gift.  He will accept it, cherish it, treat it with care and love it dearly.

     Once you have given Jesus His gift, then give it to your family.  It is amazing how often we are not giving our own families our whole hearts.  This is a great place to start.  This is a great place to take a risk.  It may not always seem like they appreciate your gift, but give it just the same.  Give it all the more.

     Finally there is an entire world out there just dreaming that someone will give them their heart. I saw their list, your heart was on it.

     So where do you find this gift?  I will tell you that someone already purchased it for you.  Our hearts and the love they contain are precious gifts but they pale in comparison to the love that Jesus loves through us.  Because of His gift to us, the gift of salvation and His Holy Spirit, it can be His love that flows through us. As we submit to Him, we hold on to our hearts less and less and give them more and more.

     Christmas is just around the corner.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Then give it with gusto.  Give it willingly.  Give it completely.  Give your heart.


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  1. Bobbi permalink
    December 17, 2011 10:32 am

    Wonderful reminder! Thank you!

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