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I Like Life

December 14, 2011

     In the musical version of “Scrooge” the Ghost of Christmas Present sings one of my favorite songs, “I Like Life.”   “Life is a pleasure that I deny not.” “Life and I made a mutual vow.  Till I die, life and I will try to make it better somehow.” These words from that song are wonderful wise words.

     What would life be like if every day were the same, no weekends, no holidays?  The monotony and drudgery would be unbearable.  

     I am very much aware of the sadness and pain that exists in this world.  Mankind desperately needs our loving kindness.  As I have mentioned in past posts, the world needs comfort, peace and gratitude.  But this world also needs a time to celebrate.  We need to like life.

     We have all heard the saying, “Life is what you make of it.”  I choose to make life a celebration.  The reasons to celebrate are as numerous as the reasons we are thankful.  Hopefully your view point comes from a positive perspective and you are extremely grateful.  If you know Jesus, the list of things to be thankful for are endless, beginning with salvation.  That alone should make everyday a celebration.

     Life for many is drudgery.  Life for those around us may be mundane or filled with trials.  My next gift idea for this Christmas is to give the gift of celebration.  Bring some joy and laughter, feasting and fellowship, fun and celebration into the lives of those around you.

     You can choose to make life for those near you a celebration in many ways.  The ways to celebrate can be simple or as extravagant as a Ball.  A celebratory family dinner for birthdays and special accomplishments, a party for friends and relatives to enjoy the season; Christmas, Easter, summer or fall.  You can plan an outing for friends or bring a party to a shut in friend.  There are countless reasons and countless ways to celebrate.

     I do so agree with the Ghost of Christmas Present, I like life and my love for life I hope overflows to the lives of those around me.  For Christmas and every other day of the year, give the gift of celebration.  Know why you like life then share it with others.

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