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Give a Piece of Peace

December 2, 2011

     “Peace on earth good will toward men.”  Who does not know this oft heard saying?  It is sung out in songs and graces the inside of Christmas greetings.  We all know it, but how many of us have it?

     I checked with Webster on the meaning of peace.  He stated it was freedom from hostility, serenity.  Now I am not going to address the overwhelming issue of world peace but I am going to address the peace in your world.

     Our lives and homes all have an element of hostility.  If you have more than one child it is inevitable.  If you or your spouse is yet to be perfected there could be a little hostility there.  That slow driver in front of you seems to produce some and the clerk without a clue tends to bring it to the surface.   I don’t think I know anyone living in a state of serenity, do you?  If no one seems to really have it, I think peace is a great gift idea for anyone.

     So how do we give the gift of the elusive peace?  I think we start by giving it to ourselves first.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  So I say, go to the source.  Walking in peace, a constant inner serenity is a byproduct of the Holy Spirit within us.  We do not create peace nor can we give that which we do not possess.

     Remember the other day I talked about God’s “To Do” list for Christmas and everyday starts with submitting to God.  It is as we submit and allow Him to live through us that the peace that really does pass all our own understanding begins to fill our lives.  As we walk in peace, we see more clearly.  The world may spin around us but we are anchored and at rest in our souls.

     In the midst of the rush we can give peace by stopping to listen to another.  We can give peace by releasing our own expectations.  We can give peace by being an angel of mercy in another busy person’s hectic life.   The opportunities are all around us.  Ask Jesus which one is yours to take. 

     We can also give peace to our families.  We can give peace to our spouse by laying down our own desires and rights.  We can bring peace to our children by cutting down on the stressful overscheduled calendar and allowing times of calm fellowship.  We can give the gift of peace to our entire household by being at peace ourselves.  Peace is contagious.  Start spreading it around, then we can all sing, “Peace on Earth!”



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