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The gifts of Christmas

December 1, 2011

     I don’t know about you but I’m not really that interested in 3 French hens, 2 Turtle doves or a partridge in a pear tree.  I wouldn’t mind a gold ring but I can live without one.  Now ladies dancing, lords a leaping and drummer’s drumming could be entertaining and a lot of fun, so that gift might be a good one.

     At the beginning of each Christmas season each member of our family makes a Christmas list.  These lists are quite helpful when you have a large family.  This Christmas morning my tree will be surrounded by 13 of us.  So I ask for lists of suggestions.  Mind you, I only ask for suggestions not expectations.

     I want my family to know that a gift is from the heart.  It is not about our materialistic demands.  I do not want them to think that just because they wrote it on a list that they will get it.  Dear parents, before you purchase that item little Johnnie asked for; ask yourself if it will bless him.  Will it benefit him or ultimately harm him?  That new Xbox or game may be his heart’s desire (for the moment) but should he see its contents or spend his time in its pursuit?

     Before you begin to see red let me tell you I am not against Xbox, well not completely.  We have one that gets its fair share of use. But I do try to use caution when selecting gifts.  I do not want to buy a gift that ultimately works against what I desire for my kids and family. 

     I strongly desire quality time with my children.  It is my greatest hope to instill righteousness in them. I seek peace for my household.  The gifts that I choose to give should not work against that which I desire.

     They key to gift giving is that the gift should come from the giver’s heart.  It is something that we choose to give because of our love, care or concern for the recipient.  Sometimes it just might be that latest Xbox game because we know how much joy it will bring little Johnnie, but the heart is the start of gift giving.

     During this Christmas season I want to focus on the gifts that we can give.  These gifts are not ones that should be exclusive to Christmas.  They are gifts that are appropriate any time.  The people that we love and the world around us probably have not included these items on their lists, but if they took the time to make  true lists of what they wanted for Christmas it would look much different than the ones hanging on our refrigerators. 

     A good place to start when thinking of what to give for Christmas sometimes is to think about, what we would want.  Take a moment to sit and think about that.  If you had to write down a list of what you want for Christmas and you could not include any material item, what would you list?

     Here is my first gift suggestion.  Notice me.  What an incredible gift! How many of us just want someone to notice us?  Yes, we want love and attention but those hopefully come once we have been noticed.

     Countless people, including us, wander through life feeling lost and unnoticed.    We ourselves are so overwhelmed we rush from place to place not seeing and looking right through those around us.  The store clerk is merely an attachment of the cash register.  The Salvation Army bell ringer is only a faceless object near the red pot.  The lone person at the end of your church pew is just an obstacle to climb over to reach your seat.

     Please notice me!  Please see my loneliness.  Please see my despair.  Please notice and care! 

     It is not only the strangers around us that cry out, but our own family members often feel that we don’t notice them or how they are really feeling.  Obvious and subtle emotions are shoved aside as we hurry to jump in the car for one more errand.

    This is a gift that you can begin giving today so Skip the trip to Walmart and give the gift their heart truly desires.  Notice your spouse.  Did they have a rough day? Are the cares of life showing on their face?  Notice your children.  Are they feeling alone, frustrated or sad?  Notice the multitudes that cross your path each day.  How many ache for the simple gift of being noticed.  

     Greet the bell ringer and cashier.  Wish them a Merry Christmas.  I made small festive bags of candy that I carry with me to give to people such as these.  It is a very small token but I hope it shows them that someone noticed them.  Reach out and shake a hand or touch an arm.  Your world will explode with awareness.  You will be the one who is blessed beyond words.

     I have been one of those who cried out to be noticed.  If you have been one also, you know the value of a glance, a kind word, a token of acknowledgement or a true query as to your well being.  Give a gift that will change a life.  Notice someone today.

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  1. Lucy permalink
    December 1, 2011 12:08 pm


  2. Noah J. Cicalo permalink
    December 1, 2011 2:44 pm

    It certainly is amazing what spending a little time with someone as opposed to spending a little time for someone can do for that someone. Sometimes that is exactly what people want and need 🙂

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