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I’m Hungry

November 23, 2011

     Is your mouth starting to water?  Are you dreaming of some turkey slathered with gravy, maybe some pumpkin pie piled high with whipped topping?  Yum!!!  Just about everyone is revving up their taste buds for tomorrow’s feast.   

     We all have that favorite item that just must grace our Thanksgiving table.  For my brother, I had better triple my stuffing recipe.  My husband just loves broccoli with hollandaise while I’m pretty happy with a plate full of stuffed celery.  One of my girls makes sure we have cranberries while the other gets her order in early for fruit salad.  But one thing we all bring to the table is our appetite

     We all have preferences for a lot more than just food and our appetites need more than food to be satisfied.  Just as we crave our holiday favorites we also crave many other delights of life.  Some delights may very well bring joy and pleasure to our lives, others, although we intensely desire them, bring only consequences.

     What are you hungry for?   Does your appetite lean toward peace and God’s will or do you tend to desire those things that our flesh loves so much but is neither good or beneficial to us?

     This Thanksgiving food and calories will abound.  Most of us will indulge and worry about the consequences later.  Others may very well use some restraint and fare better for it.  Self control is a fruit of the spirit that is available to us all if we just choose to accept it.

     The same gift of self control is also available for our other appetites.  When our desires start to lead us down a path that is not beneficial or God’s best for us the fruit exists for us because we have the Spirit.  But God once again allows us to choose to walk in that gift.  It is not forced upon us.

     It is time to hunger after the things that will bring us life.  The Word tells us to hunger and thirst for righteousness.  We should hunger after fellowship with Him and His people.  We should hunger to know Him better and to be used by Him.  Our appetite should cause us to live for Him and not ourselves.

     I think I’m starting to get a little hungry for something different this Thanksgiving.  A heaping helping of love sounds mighty good to me.  I think I’ll even ask for seconds.  I’ll make sure I load my plate with some wisdom and pour a lot of grace on top.  My mouth is just watering thinking about the joy and peace that I will pile on my plate.  Yum!  Now that is a real meal.

     As you sit down this Thanksgiving with your loved ones and you serve your plate with all your annual favorites, just think a little about where your other appetites have been and what you want to put on your plate now.  The main item should be thankfulness.  What else are you going to have?


I am thankful for so very much this Thanksgiving.  One thing I am thankful for is you dear reader.  Writing this blog had been a very special part of my life and I am so thankful that you have taken the time to read my daily thoughts.  I am thankful that Jesus is helping me to see the light about our busy lifestyles and He’s helping me to encourage you.  May God richly bless each of you this Thanksgiving.  May your day be filled with peace, joy, love and some time to rest.  Happy Thanksgiving dear Mama!


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