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Get Ready, Here It Comes

November 18, 2011

     Here we go.  We are about to enter the last non-holiday weekend.  Oh boy!!  In the words of Kevin McAllister, ‘Don’t get scared now.”

     How long is your ‘To Do’ List?  I will confess that mine is pretty long.  My kids are in for a busy, cold weekend.  We still are at work on our yearly harvest.  You see we are leaf farmers.  Farmers lives are controlled by the harvest.  When it is time to bring in the corn, then that is all you do until it is done.  Well we have decided our yearly crop falls off our trees each year.

     Last weekend I had 11 people work on leaves for 5 hours and we are still not done.  So today and tomorrow it will be time to finish up the leaves, put the lawn furniture away, hang the Christmas lights, and get ready for winter.  There really is quite a lot to do to prepare for the change of seasons.  To prepare my yard for the long cold winter there is a lot to do.

           I don’t want my outdoor furniture rusting in the snow, so I put it in the shed.  I don’t want my pots and planters cracking from the ice, so they also get put away.  I want to protect my hoses and waterfall from freezing so they have to be drained, and my garden must be prepared for the new growth that will burst forth in the spring. 

     One item on the list is wrapping our screen porch with heavy plastic.  The strong winds from the west love to deposit snow inside our porch so we now put up a barrier to keep the porch snow free.  What do the winds of life deposit on the porch of your life?  It is time to prepare and make sure your barrier is up.This coming season strong winds will blow.  I am talking about the Christmas season, the season of ultimate busyness.  What are you doing now to prepare your home?  This list is a literal list.  What I’m talking about is the preparations that are needed in our mindsets and schedules.

     This weekend is sure to be a busy one for all of us, BUT you must take a moment to sit and prepare.  Just as I took the time to make a list of all that must be done to prepare for the winter, you should also take the time to make a list of what you want to protect this Christmas season. 

     What do you want to protect from the winds?  What do want to protect from the mad rush?  What do you want to protect from the lack of time you will face?  Special time with our families should be protected.  What will you do to protect it?  Time to focus on Jesus, the  for this season, is vital to maintain.  What will you do to make sure this happens?  Choose the valuable things in your life that you want to protect from the season and take the steps now to protect it.

     If you prepare now, just as I prepare my garden, you will create an atmosphere for true life to burst forth.


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