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Are you Overdrawn?

November 16, 2011

     I have always needed improvement in the area of balancing my checking account.  It is another item that there does not seem time enough for.  Then you add the ease of just swiping an ATM card and it can spell real trouble.  It is rare if I write the amount spent in a ledger when I have used my ATM.  So can you say, “overdrawn?”

     We all know the basics of finance.  I like bottom lines and the bottom line of finance is, don’t spend more than you have.  You would think that is a pretty simple concept to grasp, but clearly it is not.  Multitudes of Americans are in financial debt due to the fact that they spend more than they have.  So we borrow.  We borrow from our tomorrows to pay for today.  My question is this.  What happens when we get to tomorrow?

     The difference between money and time is that, unlike money we are all given the exact same amount of time every day.  There are no classes where time is concerned.  We all get 24 hours each and every day.  So the math should be easy.  If you get 24 hours you should use 24 hours.

     Americans are confused.  We thought we could do the same thing with our time that we do with money.  So we borrow.  Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids and time does not work that way.  You cannot borrow from tomorrow, yet we try it all the time.

     So with the risk of sounding overly simple I am going to give you, “Time management 101.”

     Start with 24 hours, subtract 8 hours for sleeping.  This is where we get into trouble right off the bat.  We are not past our first deduction and some of you are already considering borrowing.  This is not the place to borrow.  You need your rest.  I will venture to say if you borrow from this area you really are borrowing from your tomorrows and your tomorrows may be less.  Our bodies need to recover and restore. 

     Now subtract 4 hours for meal preparation and eating.  Don’t you dare borrow from this amount.  Fast food is leading you to fast poor health or worse.  You need to invest in your heath, your family’s health and in your family’s fellowship time.  I have already encouraged you numerous times to dine with your family.  Here is one more reason.  Recently my son wrote a persuasion paper.  In it he cited this fact from the Studies by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Colombia University.  It showed that teens that have infrequent family dinners are twice more likely to try drugs than teens that have frequent family dinners.  Meal time is important.

     Subtract 2 hours just for items like getting dressed, going to the bathroom, taking a shower and basic essential of living.  I think we all forget that these items do take time. 

     If you want any kind of life that is true life you must subtract a minimum of one hour for Bible study and prayer.  Our minds must be renewed.  When we do not renew our minds it is amazing how quickly our thoughts deteriorate. We think we know God and we think we know His will but there is a sliding effect that happens when we do not read the Bible.  The Bible always brings us back to level again.  Prayer is vital.  Do not attempt to live the busy life you are trying to live without prayer.

     We have used 15 hours and we have not even gotten to the busy stuff yet.  Some of you home school.  Some of you have jobs.  These both take a great amount of time from our budget.  Anywhere from 5 to 8 hours will need to be deducted.  So now you have 7 to 10 hours left.  That sure does sound like a lot.  It is not.  We have not even considered church, house work, special bedtime routines with your children, computer time, watching TV or movies, grocery shopping and running to the countless activities we are involved in.

     My point in all of this is just to make you aware that our time is very valuable.  You only are allotted 24 hours a day.  We budget our time and quite often forget to start with the important items first like sleep, eating, family time and Bible study.  We are all living like we have more than 24 hours.  There is no borrowing where time is concerned. 

     Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’ll have to pay the piper?”  This comes from the story, “The Pied Piper of Hamelin.”  In this story the desperate townspeople promise the piper “anything” to rid their village of rodents.  He does, they do not pay so he leads their children away.  There is a great cost to borrowing from tomorrow.  Don’t keep borrowing and find out what it is.

     Take some time today and readjust your budget and before you add one more activity or say yes to one more obligation, make sure you have enough in your account.

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  1. September 4, 2011 9:35 pm

    Thank you for reminding us all how important our time is. You are giving us really good advice. I have discovered that when I put God first in all I do, my life is much more balanced. I look forward to reading your blog, and appreciate your encouragement!

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