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Is Houdini Your Name?

November 8, 2011

     There is a cause for every effect.  What is the cause of our avoidance? 

     We have all at one time or another faced a looming task with some dread.  In school, it was that term paper.  At home it may be the massive piles of laundry or maybe the yearly switch out clothes chore.  Just one peek in our teen’s room will cause us to run screaming.

  Our homes and lives are filled with tasks we do not want to do.  They surround us.  So what do we do, everything else.  We can be masters of avoidance.  The house is an absolute mess… let’s watch TV.  The kids have been bugging you to play a game… I have to run to the store.  The bills need to be paid… let me check Facebook first.

     Why are we avoiding?  Is it fear?  Laziness could be a factor.  Could it possibly be that our schedules are so full that we run from one task to another with no time to relax?  A person can only press onward for just so long.  That never-ending ‘To DO’ list staring up at us doesn’t help either.

     We all need a little light at the end of the tunnel.  Without the hope of an end in sight it can all just become drudgery.  Drudgery can turn us all into little Houdinis.  In other words, we become escape artists.  Important tasks are pushed to the back burner and we fill our time with alternative activities.

     It is time to look at your schedule for the next week, even the next month.  What can you eliminate?  Pick something!  Now schedule in that spot some ‘nothing’ time.  Just last night as I sat down with my daughter she asked me, “Do you know what I’m doing?”  I told her no.  Her reply was sweet and tempting, “Nothing.”  She then asked me to join her doing nothing.

     If we had a little more ‘nothing’ time maybe we wouldn’t be avoiding so much.  I know there are still other reasons for our avoidance but this would eliminate at least one main reason.

     So today, schedule in some ‘nothing time’.  Become aware of your own avoidance techniques.  Be aware that avoiding tasks only makes them pile up.  Then later you are overwhelmed with an even bigger ‘To Do’ list and even less time.

     Give yourself a break so that the bills can get done and the clothes can get washed.  I’m sorry to tell you that teen bedroom is still pretty scary.

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  1. Rebecca A. permalink
    November 8, 2011 6:40 pm

    thanks Debbie i really enjoyed reading this! Its definitely what i needed to hear! It also reminded me of how we sometimes try to do the same thing with the Lord; when He shows us something we need to do, we try to do everything but that! Alot of times it is because we are afraid of things changing and maybe its not what we think we might want to change at the moment! I definitely know how that is! But in the end, following what God has showed you will be much more rewarding than hiding from what you know must be done! And just like we need to find that time to do nothing, that time can be very good to spend with someone, the Lord! 🙂 its just a good reminder for me so thank u for sharing! 🙂

    • November 9, 2011 9:34 am

      This is an extremely mature view. At 16 you are ahead of the game. Just continue spending time with Him and you’ll avoid avoidance.

      • Rebecca A. permalink
        November 9, 2011 10:10 am

        Thank u! Don’t worry i definitely will! 🙂

  2. November 9, 2011 4:19 pm

    Great reminder! Thank you!!

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